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What is All-On-4 Dental Implants?

The All-On-4 is a treatment where four dental implants are set into your jawbone or maxilla to load a fixed, zirconia Superstructure full-arch bridge on top of it.

All On 4 Implants Xray adn fixed hybrid denture

For the upper maxilla or lower maxilla, two of the dental implants will be set straight and the other two are set in an angles position or anywhere where you have best bone availability

The setting of the implants is the foundation for the Prettau Bridge we load and screw on top of the All On Four implants.

Once screwed to the posts, the fixed full-arch bridge is screwed to the head of the implants. The bridge will stay still in your mouth. It will not slip or move.

The All On Four technique provides stability and a strong biteYou will be able to chew hard foods!

The All On Four Is A Fixed Denture That Doesn't Slip Or Move

Picture of s fixed hybrid bridgeCommon dentures require dental glue in a try to keep them in place. Using these adhesives on a regular basis can also cause stomach problems. With implant supported dentures, you get a Prettau Zirconia full-arch bridge.

The palateless dentures are secured to the implants set into your jawbone before.

You will get immediate stability. You will be able to bite, chew, speak or laugh with confidence as soon as you complete the treatment.

A palateless denture will make you able to taste your food`s temperature and taste. With regular dentures and overdentures, you have a covered palate that is used to apply the messy adhesive.  With a covered palate, you can not taste the flavors or feel the food's temperature.

With the All On Four, you get rid of the covered palate. This is a fixed denture that is secured to your implants. You will be able to chew and taste your foods just like when you had your regular teeth in optimal shape.

Why should you invest on permanent teeth?

If your teeth are in bad shape or missing you probably know that at some point, you might need a permanent solution. You will save thousands because you will not have to spend thousands on temporal fixtures and patches. With the All On Four, you can address the problem once and for all because you will only have to visit your dentist every six months to clean them.

*Your dentist back home will unscrew the locked dentures just for a cleaning and a checkup on your gums and tissue. 

The most straight-forward treatment is the All On Four. The benefits are immediate as soon as you finish the procedure,

Implant dentures before and after

You will enjoy again all the foods you used to eat before losing your teeth. Like nuts, corn on the cob, raw carrots. You will be able to feel the food's temperature and taste, as the upper hybrid bridge is palate-less.

Ditch your dentures or any dental adhesives! You will stop spending money on prosthetic devices that are not what you need. 

Enhance your self-esteem and confidence! No more embarrassing moments during social gatherings. Speak, laugh and eat while you feel safe!

We will design your new teeth. We can choose color, shape, or height of the hybrid denture. Now it's the time for a beautiful smile!

Restore your oral functions immediately. With the permanent dentures treatment, you get the stability your bite needs to chew any type of food.

How much does the All-On-4 procedure cost? The treatment is divided into two stages. The first stage is the implants setting and the second is the prosthetics trip. Just click here to check our price list and view our discounted prices.

How stable is the All On Four treatment?

In the end of the 90's, a Portuguese doctor called Paulo Maló, designed a new concept for a fixed denture.

By 2004, Dr. Maló teamed up with Nobel Biocare and they followed over 2,000 cases. Today, there are over 100,000 patients worldwide that have received this treatment.

The design of the treatment has developed over time. Nowadays, it is the top notch solution for people that need full mouth implants.

First, four implants will be surgically set per arch (or six for the case of the All-On-6 treatment). The implants are set into a jawbone in an angled position or where you have a better bone density.

The denture, or bridge, is screwed onto the top of these implants providing a secure grip. Also, being a palateless denture, these implants would feel like real teeth!

The fixed bridge will not move or slip. There is also no need for any dental adhesives.

You will be able to eat again all the foods you could chew before you lost your teeth. Chewy foods, hard foods, or anything you can not eat now with your common dentures.

The key of the implant-supported dentures is the stability you will get when you want to chew or bite.

What happens during and after the dental implants surgery?

We u8se surgical guides in all the placement of the angled All On 4 implants in Cancun, Mexico.After your clinical evaluation with 3D imagery - CT Scan, we will create surgical guides to set your implant. All the technology we use at our clinic is computerized.

The setting of the tooth implants is a quick and minor surgery that lasts about 90 minutes per arch. Four implants will be set per arch (or six, in the case of an All-On-6 treatment).

During the surgery,  we use local anesthesia. Or you can choose sedation at an extra cost.

Right after the surgery, you could feel mild discomfort and swelling that will be addressed with analgesics and antibiotics. Depending on each case, but usually, after a couple of days after the

Depending on each case, but usually, after a couple of days after the surgery, we are able to provide you temporary teeth.

They will help you eat and look normal for the next four to six months. We also have available "Teeth In A Day" at an extra cost.

After four to six months, you will return to Cancun for the second stage of the treatment. Through a minimal surgery, we will uncover the head of those implants and we will prepare them to be load after wax tests.

Eight to ten days later, we deliver a hybrid bridge, titanium/porcelain or zirconium. The fixed bridge is secured to the head of the implants set months earlier.

How to know if I am a candidate for the All-on-4?

Some patients have bigger jawbones or have a larger jawbone structure. In those cases, we will suggest the All-On-6. That means placing six implants, instead of four.  The All On Six can provide extra stability, in special for those patients with low bone density.

If you are missing one or several teeth, then this is the right choice for you. The All On Four is good option in the next scenarios:

People that want to ditch their denture adhesive, partials or overdentures. People that need a stable, attached and palateless denture that provides a strong bite.

People with a good bone condition and that need permanent dentures. This in an alternative that steps as your own natural teeth. 

For people that want to discard the pain aggravated by ill-fitting dentures due to the slippage. 

With full mouth implants you will be able to eat all you want. Like when you used to have your real teeth without the worry of losing them or having an embarrassing moment when eating.

With permanent dentures you will be able to bite an apple, eat a steak, chew peanuts, etc. feel free to eat all the foods you like!

The All On 4 in Mexico is the same as the treatment in the United States?

Yes, the All On 4 in Mexico has the same quality as any dental clinic in the United States. We use 3D CAD/CAM computerized technology to create surgical guides for your implant placement. Which is necessary to provide an exact fit over the implants.


With the All On 4 your oral health will improve:

We will design a new smile that looks natural. You will look younger, enhancing your facial characteristics, due to the stabilization of your jawbone level.

Fixed Hybrid Denture

You will be able to eat and bite all the foods you used to eat in the past when you had teeth. Biting and chewing will not be a problem anymore.

palateless denture is tightened to your maxilla or mandible. You will be able to taste again all the foods you like.

You will forget the frustrations of removable mouth appliances. You get long-term results that may last a lifetime. 

The All On 4 dental implants cost in Mexico will help you save over 75% on permanent teeth compared to your U.S. dentist. We use the same brands, same protocols, same equipment, same materials.

Which are the most common All-On4 dental implants problems?

The most common problem would be losing your implants. After the implant is set, we need six months until the Osseointegration process completes (when the bone and the titanium screw fuse together).

During the waiting period, your oral hygiene plays a very important role. Also, your daily habits have an important role as well. You need to brush three times a day and keep a very strict hygiene control.

After the surgery, there should be none All On 4 procedure cons, unless you miss having a strict daily oral hygiene.

With huge savings, you can have "dental vacations" and enjoy the Cancun while you restore your smile with dental implants. The estimated All on 4 cost in the United States can be expensive and unaffordable for many. It can cost up to $50K per arch in clinics such as Clear Choice or Affordable Dentures!

The savings you can get when you have this treatment at our clinic in Cancun you will help you save up to 75% compared to the treatment quoted back home.

The materials we use at our dental facility are the same brand your home dentist use. All the imported materials we hand at our clinic are FDA approved.

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