How Much does ClearChoice dental implant cost?

Are you wondering how much does Clear Choice cost? The prices for implant dentures start at $30,000, but it can be as much as $60,000.

The All On Four cost at Clear Choice can be high-priced. Expect to pay at least $30,000 per arch for a full set of new teeth. Find where to save almost 67% on the same procedure. Continue reading to learn more.

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    What Is the Cost of Clear Choice Dental Implants?

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    Clear Choice Implants Cost

    How much do clear choice implants cost? How much is it for the All On Four with with dentures or a fixed bridge restoration? What are the average prices?


    $30,000 USD - $60,000 USD

    *Full treatment - Price per arch

    The prices are per arch, Upper or bottom (All On 4 implants and restoration)

    The quotes show the Clear Choice costs for 2018 and 2019. But. But apparently they are keeping the same prices in 2020.

    The Clear Choice cost for full mouth implants on both arches at one of their locations.

    Clear Choice is the largest dental company in the United States. They have dental implant centers in big cities like Houston, San Jose, San Diego, Dallas, Denver, Austin, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. If you Google "clear choice near me" you will find a location near home.

    But, the fact that they are close doesn't mean it will be a cheap solution for a full mouth reconstruction with All On Four. An alternative is to fly down to Cancun and pay 67% less for the same treatment.

    - Clearchoice cost 30,000 USD avg

    - Cost at our clinic in Cancun 9,500 USD

    You save at least 20,000 USD per arch and over 40,000 USD for a full mouth reconstruction.

    G4 Implants Cost

    Golpa dental implants cost in Las Vegas

    G4 is by far the most recognized dentist in Las Vegas for the All On 4 treatment.

    They have certified by Golpa surgical centers in different cities like Dallas, Philadelphia, and San Francisco; they offer the "G4 solution", which is the All On 4 with a fixed full-arch Zirconia Prettau bridge.

    G4 by Golpa prices

    The average G4 cost is,


    Full treatment - Per arch

    The quote was obtained from their newsletter is what you can expect to pay per arch, We believe they kept the same prices for 2020.

    G4 By Golpa Vs Clear Choice

    Facility Cost of a full mouth implants (upper or lower)
    Clear Choice $30,000 USD
    G4 $36,000 USD
    Our Clinic in Cancun $9,500 USD

    Come down to Cancun to get the All On 4 implants. You will pay USD 3,950 USD per arch for the first part of the treatment (the surgery)

    You will return home with temporary teeth.

    Six months later, you will return to Cancun the rehabilitation (prosthetic work)



    Compare the Clear Choice cost Vs the costs of G4. Compare it with your local dentist. The only way to get great savings is coming to Cancun for your All On 4.

    We use the same materials, the same protocol, laser milling machines, and CAD-CAM digital technology.

    How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In Mexico?

    All-On-4 With Snap-On Dentures 6,450 USD
    All-On-4 With Fixed Hybrid Bridge 8,450 USD
    All-On-4 with Prettau Zirconia Bridge 9,350 USD
    All-On-4 With Snap-On Dentures 6,450 USD
    All-On-4 With Fixed Hybrid Bridge 8,450 USD
    All-On-4 with Prettau Zirconia Bridge 9,350 USD


    Maxillofacial surgeon placing zygomatic dental implants

    The All-On-4 dental implants in Cancun is divided into two stages.


    The first stage is the settings of the implants. Six months have to pass to let the bone bond to the post. This will provide a stable base to lock on top of a full-arch Prettau Bridge. The All-On-4 is a permanent treatment and will save you unlimited visits to the dentist.


    Click here to view our price list.

    How To Rehabilitate The All On 4 Implants In Cancun


    After the placement of the implants, we need to load on top the prosthesis. It can be,

    • Snap-On Dentures
    • Fixed Hybrid Bridge
    • Zirconia Superstructure
    • 3 on 6 (three bridges loaded over six implants)

    * Zirconia is one of the finest and strongest materials available in the market. But, this treatment can be quite expensive in the United States. Click here to learn more about the Prettau Zirconia Bridge.

    All on 4 treatment with Prettau Bridge Zirconia restoration

    The Treatment

    If instead of a dental treatment we were speaking about cars, for example;  the All On Four with a Zirconia Prettau Bridge restoration would be a Rolls Royce. It is the ultimate solution for a full-mouth restoration.


    It is a straightforward treatment that will solve your dental problems and endless visits to the dentist.

    1. Four or more dental implants will be surgically set.
    2. After a few months, each implant will bond to the bone.
    3. A full-arch bridge is locked to the head of the posts.

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