Guessing How Much Does Clear Choice Dental Implants Cost?

DISCLAIMER: The information below is pure speculation. We have NO IDEA if the following quotes are accurate or not. WE ARE NOT AFFIRMING, CONFIRMING, OR DECLARING THESE PRICES' VALIDITY. Please DO NOT believe the following information is accurate. We do not have any contact with any of these clinics. 

We believe these are quotes of the costs at Clear Choice of an upper Zirconia arch replacement.

* Click over the images to enlarge them.


If you're curious about the approximate price of implants at dental facilities in the U.S., such as Clear Choice, you will find quotes from people comparing dental implant prices in Cancun Vs. the United States.

AGAIN: WE DO NOT CERTIFY, CONFIRM, DECLARE OR AFFIRM that these quotes are true, accurate, or real. But, if any of these quotes were accurate, you can get an idea of how much a full mouth rehabilitation could cost in one of these facilities.

Check the information below and keep in mind that there are alternatives to the high dental implant prices in the U.S. Continue reading to learn more.

Clear Choice Cost For Dental Implants

Every day, we are contacted by American people who need an affordable option for dentures with dental implants. Very often, we receive dental quotes from several dental facilities in the U.S. These "dental tourism patients" want to compare both services and prices.


They tell us that the price for the All On 4 in the United States starts at $30,000, but it can be as much as $60,000 for a full mouth reconstruction with implants.

In the U.S., we guess that in places such as Golpa, Aeon Clinics, or Clearchoice, you can end up paying 60% more compared to our dental implants costs in Cancun.

At the end of the treatment, our patients tell us that if they had done it in the United States, in one of these dental facilities, they probably would have ended up paying around $35,000per arch, while our cost is much cheaper. 

Clear Choice Cost 2019-2022

Our patients kindly shared these quotes, so WE CAN NOT CONFIRM OR DECLARE IF THEY ARE ORIGINAL OR NOT. But we can speculate on how much you can pay for a full-mouth restoration at any dental clinic in the United States, such as Clearchoice.  The quotes show the costs for 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Again, we can NOT affirm or confirm whether these quotes are real. Please, get a quote for yourself and verify the information, then make the best decision for All On Four dental implant treatment.

What Is What We Believe Is the Average Cost of Clear Choice Dental Implants?

How much does clear choice dental implants cost?
This is what we believe is the average cost for dental implants at clear choice.
All On 4 with double Zirconia Arch Replacement in Clear choice $57,000
All On Four with Upper Zirconia Arch Replacement $29,000
All On Four with Lower Fixed Hybrid Denture $30,000

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We believe these could be an approximate Clear Choice Dental Implants cost for a full restoration in the lower arch.

This is how much we suppose are the Clear Choice implants cost at any of their locations. We believe that the average price for full mouth implants could be around 35K per arch. Again, we can NOT certify or affirm whether these quotes are real or if these prices are true. Please compare for yourself. Thank you.

What is Clear Choice Dental?

Clear Choice Dental is a very large and respected company in the United States. They have dental centers in important locations like Houston, San Jose, Atlanta, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Denver, Austin, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Antonio, Chicago, Minneapolis, Tampa, etc. They offer a wide menu of dental services, including full mouth restorations with All On 4 dental implants.

We are unsure if Clear Choice accepts insurance, but they could offer some financing options.


Are there low-cost alternatives?

Yes, there are other options for the same treatment at a reasonable fee. Based on these quotes that WE CAN NOT CONFIRM ARE REAL OR NOT, the cost of implants at Clear Choice for a full mouth can be as much as $60,000. An alternative is to fly down to Cancun and pay 67% less for the same treatment. Thousands of people do it every year; it is called Dental Tourism.

All On 4 Zirconia Cancun Mexico
All On 4 made of Zirconia in Cancun, Mexico with Dr. Omar Lugo.

We own the technology to offer All-On-4 dental implants in Cancun with Dr. Omar Lugo. The same quality and massive savings are only a flight away!

The cost at our clinic in Cancun for the SAME TREATMENT AND QUALITY IS 9,500 USD per arch for the full treatment. You save at least 20,000 USD per arch and over 40,000 USD for a full mouth reconstruction.

G4 Dental Implants Cost

G4 is by far the most recognized dentist in Las Vegas for the All On 4 treatment.

They have certified by Golpa surgical centers in different cities like Dallas, Philadelphia, and San Francisco; they offer the "G4 solution", which is the All On 4 with a fixed full-arch Zirconia Prettau bridge.

G4 by Golpa Prices

Golpa G4 dental implants cost in Las Vegas

Based on their newsletter information, we believe the average cost for G4 Dental Implants is $36,500,

Please, call directly and get a quote, then compare with our service and make the best decision for your needs.

The first quote was obtained from their newsletter is what you can expect to pay per arch, We believe they kept the same prices for 2020. The second quote was obtained from one of our patients. We believe the price is for the full treatment, per arch

G4 By Golpa Vs Clear Choice

Clear Choice Dental Implants Vs Golpa G4 Implant Solution

Facility Cost of a full mouth implants (upper or lower)
Clear Choice $30,000 USD
G4 by Golpa $36,000 USD
Our Clinic in Cancun $9,500 USD

Come down to Cancun to get the All On 4 implants. You will pay USD 3,950 USD per arch for the first part of the treatment (the surgery)

You will return home with temporary teeth.

Six months later, you will return to Cancun the rehabilitation (prosthetic work)

Comparison of dental implants in Clear Choice Vs in Cancun, Mexico.
An alternative to the high prices of Clear Choice is in Cancun.

Is there dental insurance that covers implants?

Not that we know. Most dental insurance plans will cover only 20% of the treatment and commonly it does not includes dental implants treatments. There could be some cases of facial trauma, but never as an option of full mouth rehabilitation or cosmetic reasons.

There isn't either dental insurance that covers dentures.

Aeon Clinic Cost in Westmont

Eon clinics is a dental chain in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. They have the same concept as Clear Choice. We do not have a quote to compare.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost In Mexico?

Let's say you have bad teeth, or most of them are decayed, and you need a full mouth reconstruction with implant overdentures. You save money to get a quote in your hometown and discover that it is impossible to afford.

You look for alternatives, cheaper alternatives for dental implants, and you find that not only is the price cheaper, but the quality is (in many cases) better than the one your home dentists do.

This is the offer of our Cancun Dental clinic,

All-On-4 With Snap-On Dentures 6,450 USD
All-On-4 With Fixed Hybrid Bridge 8,450 USD
All-On-4 with Prettau Zirconia Bridge 9,350 USD

* Prices per arch, in USD.

Maxillofacial surgeon placing zygomatic dental implants
Dr. Omar Lugo, our Maxillofacial surgeon placing zygomatic dental implants in Cancun on a patient from Michigan.

The All-On-4 dental implants in Cancun is divided into two stages.


The first stage is the settings of the implants. Six months have to pass to let the bone bond to the post. This will provide a stable base to lock on top of a full-arch Prettau Bridge. The All-On-4 is a permanent treatment and will save you unlimited visits to the dentist.


Click here to view our price list.

Compare the Clear Choice cost Vs the costs of G4. Compare it with your local dentist. The only way to get great savings is coming to Cancun for your All On 4. We use the same materials, the same protocol, laser milling machines, and CAD-CAM digital technology.

How To Rehabilitate Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Full mouth restoration with A fixed bridge and All On 4 implants.

Six months after the placement of the All-On-4, it can be load with a dental prosthesis. It can be,

  • Fixed - Hybrid Bridge
  • Fixed - Full-arch Zirconia Prettau Bridge
  • Fixed - 3 on 6 (three bridges loaded over six implants)
  • Removable - Snap-On Dentures

* Zirconia is one of the finest and strongest materials available in the market. But, this treatment can be quite expensive in the United States. Click here to learn more about the Prettau Zirconia Bridge.
* To learn more about the All On Four treatment step by step, please click here.

Full Mouth Restoration Benefits

All on 4 treatment with Prettau Bridge Zirconia restoration
Before and after of the All On Four with a Prettau Zirconia Fixed Bridge

If instead of a dental treatment we were speaking about cars, for example;  the All On Four with a Zirconia Prettau Fixed Bridge restoration would be a Rolls Royce. It is the ultimate solution for a full-mouth restoration.

The All On Four is a straightforward treatment that will solve your dental problems and endless visits to the dentist.

  1. Four or more dental implants will be surgically set and will create a stable foundation.
  2. After a few months, each implant will bond to the bone and will be as strong as any healthy tooth root.
  3. A full-arch fixed bridge is locked to the head (or abutments) of the posts.
  4. You finally have permanent teeth that don't wiggle, move, slip or cause you embarrassment.

Get a Mexican Dental Vacation in Cancun!


Cancun is safe and a beautiful resort city located on the Yucatán peninsula, in Mexico. There is a hotel option for any budget in Cancun. Contact us for hotel recommendations.

Our clinic is at the most popular Caribbean resort city, Cancun. Just a few hours away from your home.

We are the most equipped dental clinic in the Cancun area. Get the same quality while you can save thousands for the same brands, protocol, technology, experience, and materials in Cancun, Mexico.

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