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5 Reasons Why Dental Work In Mexico Cost Less

5 reasons why dental work cost much less in Mexico

The cost of dental work in Mexico is cheaper than in the United States and there are many reasons why.
The low-cost dental services prices are the main reason why thousands of Americans flock every year down to Cancun for their dental treatments.
It is easy to understand why many Americans are getting dental services abroad. In Mexico, American tourists can expect to save from 60 to 75 percent in their dental treatments. This is what is called dental tourism. You go to another place to have a procedure.
But, how does the dental cost in Mexico can be so different from the dental cost of any city within the United States?
Root Canal Equipment in MexicoHere are some reasons. There are several elements that can make possible to offer lower prices for dental care in Mexico.
In this case, lower costs do not mean a sacrifice in the quality of materials or talent.
The quality standards of our dental clinic are better or equal to any dentist in the United States.
And it also doesn´t mean that the dentist owns lesser education or equipment. Most of the dentists in Mexico use the same materials, laboratory equipment, and protocol as any American dentists. Mexican dentists use the same brands and suppliers (sometimes even laboratories) as any dentist in the U.S.
The decisive fact is that there are no insurance requirements for medical treatments in Mexico. Also, the employer waves are lower as the monthly rent of the properties.
In general, the cost of living in Mexico is cheaper than in the United States.

1. The Real Estate Cost in Mexico Is Cheaper

The real estate cost is lower in Mexico than in the United States. The large expenses of rents in the U.S. will be part of your dental bills indirectly.
 Rents are expenses that somehow need to be billed to someone.

2. The Dental Laboratory Costs Are Cheaper

Many American dentists send their lab work to Mexico on a regular basis. This is a fact.
All materials used to craft any prosthetic piece is Mexico is imported. Mexico doesn't produce any dental materials. therefore, all equipment and materials are imported but the labor hand cost much less.
Laboratory technicians wages are lower, as labor hand is lower in Mexico. That affects the final cost as well.

3. The Dental Staff Wages in Mexico Are Lower

Dental Technicians and dentists wages are lower compared to the salaries in North America.
Since wages are lower so are the fees for the general audience.
Research from the University of Arizona mentioned that a dental staff member is paid around $18 US the hour. While in Mexico, the same staff is paid about $5 US the hour
Mexican dentists or any dental implant specialist makes a third every year compared to the American dentists. But they are not uneducated, they own the same skills on dentistry.
Sometimes, even more, experienced in complex cases.

Dental Clinic In Cancun, Mexico


4. Dental Education Is Affordable In Mexico

Most of the American dentists had a hard time paying their student loans. The American Dental Association mentions that aspiring dental students will pay around 35K for tuition per year. That is for four years, plus all the equipment and material you need to buy. In Mexico, education has the same levels of knowledge but the fees are cheaper. In Mexico, the cost of five years of dental school costs around 30K US on average.

5. Insurance Requirements

There are no insurance requirements for the medical field in Mexico. You can enter any hospital as long as you can pay. If you cannot afford it, you can have access to any of the government clinics. Either way, there is not obligatory insurance for the institutions, medical centers or even for patients. This is one of the main reasons why dental procedures cost less in Mexico.
According to CBS News, in the United States, dental insurance is not really insurance: "The maximum annual benefits, $1,000 to $1,500, haven’t changed in the 50 years since dental insurance became available".
If you have dental insurance, they might cover some of the dental work you could have in Mexico. They do not cover it all but at least a part of it.
When you need a dentist in Mexico, you will find many affordable options. Check online reviews, before and after pictures, request to speak to other patients, pick a nice location to recover, check if they own their laboratory. Then make a decision.
If you want to meet our team at Cancun Dental Specialists, please click here.
Millions of people use dental tourism to save money and get first-class dental work in Mexico.