All On 4 Dental Implants in Mexico

The All On 4 Dental Implants is the ideal treatment for two types of people:

Doctor explains a dental plan to a patient
Omar Lugo D.D.S. O.M.S. explaining a dental treatment to an American patient at our clinic in Cancun.

1.- People that due to decay, trauma, medication, aging, or for any reason lost almost or all their teeth and need a full-mouth restoration.

2.- People who HATE wearing conventional dentures that never fit correctly, feel bulky, make sore spots in your gums, need glue, and are troublesome to chew or swallow food.

If most of your teeth are decayed or missing, the All-On-4 is a treatment for people who want to invest in a permanent solution to recover their chewing abilities, confidence, and self-esteem with full dental implants.

A full set of Zirconia Bridges
M.L came down to Cancun and saved on dentures and implants an average of 65% compared to the costs of Columbus, GA.
A palateless fixed denture for the upper maxilla.
Upper fixed Zirconia Prettau bridge with All On 4 implants on a patient from San Antonio, TX.

What is the All-On-4?

All On Four illustration.

The All On Four is a concept:

Four to six dental implants + a palateless fixed denture made of Zirconia (or a fixed hybrid bridge) = All-On-4 (a.k.a. implant dentures or "permanent dentures")

The All-On-4 Dental Implants is a treatment to fix (once and for all) severe teeth problems or several missing teeth. It is the best upgrade and investment you can do for yourself; a long-lasting solution for a full-mouth restoration. 

Picture this:

Imagine recovering the freedom to bite and chew all types of food and feel its taste and temperature. To talk, sing and laugh without worrying about loose dentures.


No more adhesives, powders, glues, or smashed food. Forget about shakes and smoothies as meal replacements, EAT REAL FOOD AGAIN.

Upper and bottom set of All On Four dental implants done in Cancun, Mexico.
A full set of implant overdentures done in Cancun, Mexico to a patient from Houston, Texas.

Conventional Dentures Vs. All On Four

What are the benefits of implant dentures treatment? Can I benefit in the short and long term?

From This:To This:
Loose dentures that never fit.A fixed full arch bridge that sits perfectly over the implants and don't hurt your gums.
The need for dentures glue or adhesive.Never needing glues or powders to keep the palateless denture in place. The full-arch bridge is firm and secured to the implant's head.
Having to cut your food into tiny pieces or eating only soups or shakes as meal replacement.Eating your preferred food with absolute freedom; without worrying of dentures unattaching when you take a bite or chew your food.
The embarrassment of losing your dentures in front of others.Recover your social life and boost your self-esteem and confidence. Feel the freedom to be yourself again feeling self-assured without the worry of losing your teeth!

Denture implants are by far the best investment you can do on yourself. You will boost your health and self-esteem and you will save thousands of dollars in the long run!

How much does this All-On-4 costs in the U.S.?

How much does it cost to get a full mouth of dental implants in the U.S?

A complete set of full dental implants in the U.S.A. can be high priced, around 80K. Dental work in America is expensive. You will spend approximately 30K - 50K per arch, upper or bottom All On Four implants with a Zirconia bridge. Many people will find it unaffordable, and others will delay their dental necessities.

 Click here to view Clear Choice prices.

Fortunately, there are alternatives.


You can save around 65% on the All On Four dental implants cost by coming down to Cancun; a Mexican, Caribbean resort city that is only a short flight away from home.

Going somewhere else for affordable dental work is not a new concept; they call it Dental Tourism.

Every day, people fly down to get dental implants in Mexico and save around 70%. It is thousands of dollars you're saving to your pocket.

Before and after of the All On 4 Dental Implants with Zirconia full-arch restoration.
All On 4 dental implants in Mexico done to a patient from Detroit, MI

Low-cost means lesser quality?

No, it doesn't. Having your dental implants in Cancun does not mean you will sacrifice quality; it is not a second-rate service or subpar treatment. Our service standards equal to any dental clinic in the U.S. 

We provide the same treatment, materials, laboratory, and quality at a reasonable price. It is the opportunity to get the All-On-4 at a fair cost.

Let's get started with your All-On-4 treatment.


First, please watch this 2-minute video. We want to show you briefly:

  • Our technology
  • What we do, and 
  • How we complete in a few days treatments like the All-On-4 in Cancun.

Cost of All On 4 Dental Implants in Mexico

All On 4 Dental Implants / First stage3,950 USD
OPTION 1) Fixed Hybrid Bridge / Second stage5,000 USD
OPTION 2) Zirconia Prettau Bridge / Second stage5,500 USD

* Prices are in USD. Per arch.

These are the costs at our Cancun Dental clinic. Click here to view our full price list.

Why dental implants cost in Mexico is cheaper? Mexican dentists can offer low-cost dental treatments because there aren't any government mandatory insurance requirements, tuition and education fees at Universities are competitive, and real estate is more affordable. Overall, living in Mexico is economical compared to the U.S. Read 5 reasons why dental work in Mexico costs less.

There are alternatives to the high dental costs in the U.S. Affordable dentures and implant treatments like the All-On-4 are a few hours away from home. In the resort city of Cancun, Mexico.

Price Breakdown of The All On Four Treatment

ALL-ON-4 Surgery


  • Four Implants
  • Maxillofacial surgeon's fee
  • Surgery costs
  • Temporary healing denture
USD 3,950


The cost includes a digital evaluation with 3D CT SCAN Imaging X-rays. 

Four extractions for free, the rest at 50% OFF regular price (49 USD each) / Surgical extractions $90

Complimentary pick-up from the Cancun airport, and transportation to and from your hotel to the clinic. 

Fixed Dentures

When the bone and the titanium implants fuse or bond, they provide a firm and robust foundation to hold a fixed denture; a full-arch bridge screwed and fixed on the connector's abutment.

Zirconia Prettau Bridge / Fixed

For upper or bottom arch. Laser milled with CAD/CAM technology. Learn more about the Zirconia Bridge.

USD 5,500
Prettau Zirconia Bridge
Hybrid Bridge / Fixed

For upper or bottom arch. Laser milled with CAD/CAM technology

USD 5,000
Fixed Hybrid Bridge Over Implants

Snap On Dentures

We also have a removable option,

For upper or bottom arch. Laser milled with CAD/CAM technology

USD 2,500
Snap On Dentures with implants

What is the All On Four?

We will show you in the simplest way all you need to know about All On 4 Dental Implants in Mexico. But, you can always contact our Cancun Dental clinic with any questions you may have.

A before and after of a full mouth restoration with a Prettau Zirconia Bridge
Before and after of All On 4 on a patient from Atlanta, GA

For the All-On-4, we need dental implants that are small metal screws and the latest technology to replace any teeth that are missing.

Dental implants are made of Titanium; a lightweight, strong, and biocompatible metal that will bond with your jawbone. The implant offers a "substitution" for the root of a tooth and restores any missing teeth.

Missing one or several teeth is always uncomfortable. Not only it causes problems for eating, but it can also be the cause of:

  • Embarrassment
  • Bone recession
  • Gum irritation
  • Infection and pain

You will always feel anxious with conventional dentures and will be constantly dealing with dentures that never fit right, bad breath, or painful gum sores. If you are tired of "patching" your mouth, consider full mouth implants in Mexico at an affordable price. Make the upgrade to implant dentures!

Fix your teeth problems once and for all at a fair cost in Cancun. Invest in a full set of fixed palateless dentures with implants.

No more unlimited visits to your dentist. Save time and money in the long run.

What is your oral situation? What is your condition right now?

"I am missing all my teeth," "Most of my teeth fell time ago," "My bone has been shrinking," "I do not have enough bone," "I need a full mouth reconstruction."

If you have been missing teeth for a while, you will require permanent dentures, with a treatment like the All-On-4. When the bone condition is not optimal, we can need solutions like Snap In Dentures with mini implants or Zygomatic implants.

- What is the All On Four treatment?
- What are the costs for the All On Four in Cancun, Mexico?
- Restoration with a Zirconia Implant Bridge
- All On 4 before and after picture gallery


In case you have bone recession problems,

- All about Zygomatic Implants
- Snap In Dentures with Mini Implants

"I have a gap," "I am missing one tooth," "I need an implant bridge."
"I need a smile makeover," "My teeth are decayed" "I need cosmetic dentistry makeover with Veneers or crowns."

For the best results, the All On Four procedure is divided into two stages

The All On Four treatment is divided into two stages;  That means, two trips down to our clinic in Cancun. To complete the procedures, you have to visit Cancun twice and there is a four to six months gap between each trip,

Image of an upper overdenture over implants.


  • FIRST TRIP TO CANCUN.- One week in location. Please allow eight days if you require extractions too.
  • SECOND TRIP TO CANCUN - Four to six months later. You will need to stay eight to ten days in Cancun, Mexico. Depending on the restorative prosthesis you pick.

There is a four to six months gap in between each trip. This period will let the bone and the titanium implants to bond or fuse together (Osseointegration process)

  • The first stage is the implants surgery.
  • Six months later comes the second stage when we create the fixed implants dentures prosthesis.

After the first trip down to our Cancun Dental clinic, you will return home with a temporary denture. You will be able to eat well while healing from the surgery and let the bone bond with the implants. We also offer the Teeth in a Day option.

All On 4 Dental Implants in Cancun With U.S. quality

We are confident we are one of the most preferred choices for All On Four Dental Implants in Mexico. At our Cancun dental clinic, we offer the same standards and guarantees as to any clinic in the United States.

We offer the best available materials in the market for the creation of your prosthesis as well as the implants we place.

Our staff in our Cancun dental clinic counts on certified dental specialists that work directly with our laboratory technicians at our in-house digital laboratory.

We focus on delivering the finest standards on any prosthetic device we deliver: Fixed Hybrid Dentures, Prettau Zirconia Bridge, Snap In Dentures, dental veneers, and crowns

Dental Tourism Mexico

Dentistry and tourism are a combination known as Dental Tourism and it helps you save thousands of dollars!


Due to the rising dental care costs in the U.S., looking for cheaper dental work in Mexico is a popular alternative. Dental care costs in Mexico cost less than in the U.S.; a single dental implant costs a fraction compared to any clinic in America.

Every year, thousands of Americans and Canadians seek dental work abroad. In particular, Americans prefer Mexico for Dental Tourism, where we have mastered the quality of dental prosthesis, and the proximity to the United States also makes it easier to obtain.

We provide outstanding care for all the patients that come down from the United States looking for affordable dental work in Mexico. We are committed to giving a first-class service to all our patients.

Our Cancun Dental Clinic offers the following dentistry services,

– Top standards in all dental treatments
– In-house digital CAD/CAM dental laboratory
– Skilled, U.S. certified specialists and dentists
– State-of-the-art technology
– High-quality imported materials

Satisfaction 100% GuaranteeView our All On 4 reviews

Check the experiences of other American patients that came to Cancun Mexico for dental work.

Full-Scale CAD/CAM Digital Dental Laboratory and Milling Center

Same protocol, quality, and materials. 

Getting dental work in Mexico will save you tons of money while you get the same quality and guarantee as to your dentist back home. Fix your teeth problems once and for all and save up to 70% in our Cancun Dental clinic!

You can save up to 70% compared with Clearchoice, for example.

Our Cancun dental clinic owns and operates an in-house digital laboratory and milling center. Having full control of the laboratory is the main reason why we can offer an affordable cost in the All-On-4 bridges.

We exclusively use CAD/CAM digital technology (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Milling) and CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) to create all prosthetic devices.

Your dental work will be crafted and completed under the same roof.