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We Offer The Best Value for All-On-4 Dental Implants in Mexico. Guaranteed.


We own and Operate the Most Modern and Equipped In-house Dental Laboratory in Cancun. With Computerized 3D CAD/CAM Technology.

We are the preferred choice for people looking for affordable dental implants with the best quality.

FDA approved brands in all the materials used at our dental clinic. 

U.S. licensed and trained specialists. All the specialists, the technology, and the laboratory under one roof.

Satisfaction GuaranteeSave up to 75% on Nobel Biocare Permanent Dentures in Cancun

3D Computerized evaluation with CAD/CAM technology. We also use surgical guides.

Same brands, technology, protocol, laboratory, and materials.

FREE upgrade to Zirconium Hybrid Fixed Bridge (*only All-On-6)

All-On-4 Dental Implants Cost in Mexico

Set the implants

First Trip to Cancun (5 to 7 days trip)

4,900 US (One arch)

All On 4 Implants
  • Four dental implants
  • Temporary denture
  • All materials and local Anesthesia used during surgery (IV sedation upon request at a special price)
  • All consultations
  • FREE computerized evaluation with 3D CT Scan
  • FREE surgical guides
  • 50% OFF extractions
  • FREE airport pick-up
  • FREE transportation to and from your hotel to the clinic

Make my teeth

Second Trip to Cancun (8-10 days)

Fixed Hybrid Bridge 5,700 to just 5,000 US (One arch)

before and after All On 4

After the implants surgical placement, we need to wait four to six months. During this period (Osseointegration process), the bone will bond with the implants and will be strong enough to hold a Hybrid Fixed Bridge or Snap In Dentures over Implants.

* The fixed hybrid denture is made of acrylic or zirconia.

We can design your new smile. When you get a smile makeover we can choose the color, size, and shape of your new teeth!

From the first trip down to Cancun, you will return home with a temporary denture. We also offer the Teeth in a Day option.

How to know how many implants I need for my permanent teeth?

It depends on the size of your arch and condition of the bone. We will provide a computerized dental plan where we will see if you need four or six posts. We will check through a 3D CT Scan the proper distribution of the pressure, stability, and anchorage for the hybrid permanent bridge or the Snap-In Dentures.

Beach in Cancun Mexico where you can relax after your dental implant vacations

Get dental vacations while you relax in Cancun.

For the best results, the treatment is divided into two stages. To complete the denture implants treatment you will need to come down to Cancun a couple of times.

  • 5 days on the first trip (allow eight days if you need extractions too)
  • 8 to 10 days on the second trip for the restorative phase (with hybrid fixed dentures or Snap-In Dentures)


There is a four to six months gap in between each trip. This period of time will let the bone and the titanium implants to bond (Osseointegration process). When they fuse, the strong foundation is ready to load a hybrid bridge (fixed) or Snap-In Dentures Over Implants (removable) on top of them.

Depending on your specific case, you could need any of the sets shown below,

Our in-house laboratory operates with the latest technology with Laser CAD/CAM, ovens, and milling machines. All the procedure is completed under one roof!

You need to do just a couple of trips down to Cancun, Mexico to complete the All-On-4 procedure. 6-8 days on the first trip and 10-12 days on the second trip.

Enjoy again all the foods you used to eat before losing your teeth. Like nuts, corn on the cob, raw carrots. No more soft food! 

We own and operate the largest, fully equipped in-house laboratory in the Cancun area.

As owners of the technology, we can guarantee the quality of your fixed hybrid bridge or Snap-in Dentures. We have full control of your dental work and is not sent anywhere.

We also use 3D Imaging and CT SCAN, CAD/CAM, model planning, surgical guides and a detailed smile design before any dental treatment begins.

The All On 4 Dental Implants in summary

The success of the All-On-4 treatment lies in the four implants previously set into your jawbone. Over those implants, a hybrid fixed bridge will be secured on top of them.

Same day dental implants set

Before and after of the All On Four treatment on a male patient.

After the All On Four procedure, there is no need to do any further treatments with your dentist. Except the cleaning of the hybrid bridge every six months. Just like any periodical dental cleaning.

This is what people call "permanent teeth" because it is a long-term solution that can last a lifetime.

If most of your teeth have severe decay or most of them are missing, the permanent dentures will save you time and money in the long run.

Illustration showing the lower mandible setting of implants for the All On 4 dental implants.

It's time for a permanent teeth solution 

Satisfaction guaranteed.The implant supported dentures is the only way to get a real bite stability. It is a quick and straightforward treatment.

No more unlimited visits to your dentist back home. Get a permanent solution at a reasonable cost in Cancun, Mexico.

A Dental vacation combines your dental work while you relax and recoverAmong the main benefit of having your dental implants in Mexico are the huge savings. The All On 4 price in Cancun is much cheaper than in the United States. Contact us for further information.

We are dental tourist's preferred choice in Cancun for All On Four and Snap-On Dentures

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