We offer THE CHEAPEST COST of All On 4 Dental Implants in Mexico

All On 4 / Surgery Stage

3,950 USD

  • Four dental implants
  • Four extractions for free
  • Maxillofacial surgeon's fee
  • Surgery costs
  • 3D CT SCAN Imaging X-rays
  • Temporary healing denture

50% OFF on all extractions
Simple extractions at only $50 / Surgical extractions $90


Complimentary Airport pick-up and transportation to and from your hotel to the clinic. 

Rehabilitate the All-On-4 with any of these three options

OPTION 1 - Full-Arch Prettau Zirconia Bridge

For upper or bottom arch. Laser milled with CAD/CAM technology

USD 5,900
Prettau Zirconia Bridge
OPTION 2 - Fixed Hybrid Bridge

For upper or bottom arch. Laser milled with CAD/CAM technology

USD 5,600
Fixed Hybrid Bridge Over Implants
OPTION 3 - Snap On Dentures

For upper or bottom arch. Laser milled with CAD/CAM technology

USD 2,500
Snap On Dentures with implants

If most of your teeth are decayed or missing, the All-On-4 Dental Implants is a treatment for people that want a permanent solution to recover their chewing abilities.

A before and after of a full mouth restoration with a Prettau Zirconia Bridge
Before and after of implant retained dentures with All On 4 and a Zirconia bridge.
  • The All On Four with a fixed restoration (Fixed Bridge) is a permanent solution.
  • You will save time and money in the long run. No more unlimited visits to your dentist.
  • The All-On-4 will fix your denture problems once and for all!

What is your oral situation? What is your oral condition right now?

I am missing all my teeth

Most of my teeth fell time ago / My bone has been shrinking

If you have been missing teeth for a long time you will require the All-On-4. When the bone condition is not optimal, we can require solutions like mini implants or Zygomatic implants.

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Zygomatic Implants

  • Click here to learn all about the Zygomatic dental implants

Bone shrinking

  • Click here to learn why bone shrinking can seriously affect the placing of your dental implants.

I have a gap

I am missing one tooth / I need an implant bridge

When you are missing one or a couple of teeth, you could restore their functionality either with dental implants or an implant bridge. Or the combination of both!

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I need a smile makeover

My teeth are decayed, I need cosmetic dentistry with Veneers or crowns

If you need cosmetic dentistry in Mexico you have come to the right place! We use E-max technology to complete any smile design you desire with Veneers or crowns,

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  • Click here to view our dental veneers before and after gallery

Full-Scale CAD/CAM Digital Dental Laboratory and Milling Center

We own and operate our in-house digital laboratory and milling center. Having full control of the laboratory is the main reason why we can offer an affordable cost in the All-On-4 bridges.

We exclusively use CAD/CAM digital technology (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Milling) and CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) for the creation of all prosthetic devices.

Your dental work will be crafted and completed under the same roof.

Get a long-lasting solution for your mouth with permanent dentures!

Missing one or several teeth is always uncomfortable. Not only it causes problems for eating, but it can also be the cause of embarrassment, soreness, gum irritation, and pain. If you are tired of "patching" your mouth, full mouth implants are the premier treatment.

Using removable or partial replacements can bring contraindications for the health of your mouth. Missing teeth can make your bone shrink, leaving you with lower opportunities for a fixed full mouth restoration with implants.

A fixed denture brings many benefits, but it can cost tens of thousands of dollars in the U.S.A. In Mexico, at any of our clinic's locations (we have the option of the Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tijuana), you find the same characteristics, warranty, and materials you can find back home at a fair price that you can pay.

We offer the best available materials. With certified dental specialists and dentists that work directly with our laboratory technicians at our in-house digital laboratory. We focus on delivering the finest standards on any prosthetic device we deliver.

Before and after of a Zirconia bridge over All On Four implants.

The All-On-4 and a fixed denture is the best way to recover the ability to,


  • Eat, bite, and chew all types of food. No more soups or food smashed in tiny pieces.
  • Get the perfect occlusion. No more stomach aches, chew your food the proper way!
  • Feel free to speak. Enough of silencing yourself because you're afraid of losing your dentures. No more of that!
  • Laugh openly. Your life will change when you see yourself in the mirror and you see a gorgeous "Hollywood smile". You will want to smile and laugh all the time!
  • Kiss passionately. No more intimacy panic. It is time to feel confident for intimacy without the worry of losing your teeth in the middle!
  • Sing! Get that karaoke and sing along! Your teeth will stay in place, it doesn't matter how loud you sing!
  • Get the freedom and confidence. You will get absolute confidence that you will have teeth that look beautiful and that don't move, or slip, or smells bad, or needs glue. Say good-bye to all that!
  • A long-lasting solution. At last, you will ditch all removable partials and get an enduring and stable treatment that will bring back your quality of life in many ways,

All On 4 Dental Implants in Mexico With U.S. quality

Our clinic is the preferred choice for All On Four Dental Implants in Mexico with the same standards and guarantees as in the United States.

Maxillofacial surgeon placing zygomatic dental implants
We use the same safety and technology standards as the U.S.

Omar Lugo D.D.S. M.S. is our Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Our team of specialists, dentists, and laboratory technicians work together for all dental tourism patients. Click here to meet our team of specialists.

Satisfaction 100% GuaranteeView our All On 4 reviews and check for yourself what other Americans and Canadians have to say about the All On 4 treatment at our clinic in Mexico.

Before and after of All-On-4 implants in Cancun
Before and after with Zirconia fixed bridge.

We are committed to giving first-class service to all patients. Including special care for all dental tourism patients from the United States and Canada.

Our Clinics offer the following,

– Top standards in all dental treatments
– In-house digital CAD/CAM dental laboratory
– Skilled, U.S. certified specialists and dentists
– State-of-the-art technology
– High-quality imported materials

Learn all about the services we offer

Save thousands with the cost of all on 4 dental implants in Mexico


Getting the All-On-4 dental implants in Mexico, will save you tons of money while you get the same quality and guarantee as your home dentist.

Fix your teeth problems once and for all and save up to 70%! Same protocol, same materials, guarantee, and the best technology. You can save up to 70% compared with Clearchoice, for example.

For the best results, the All On Four procedure is divided into two stages

The full dental implants procedure is divided into two stages;  That means, two trips down to our clinic.

A before and after of a hybrid denture with implants.

To complete the procedures, you have to visit our clinic a couple of times. There is a four to six months gap between each trip,

  • FIRST TRIP.- One week in location. Please allow eight days if you require extractions too.
  • SECOND TRIP - 4 to 6 months later. You will need to stay eight to ten days in Cancun. Depending on the restorative prosthesis you pick.

There is a four to six months gap in between each trip. This period of time will let the bone and the titanium implants to bond or fuse together (Osseointegration process)

  • The first stage is the implants surgery.
  • Six months later comes the second stage when we create the fixed implants dentures prosthesis.

When the bone and the titanium implants fuse or bond, they give a strong and steady foundation to hold the pressure of a fixed full-arch bridge on top.

After the first trip, you will return home with a temporary denture. You will be able to eat well while you heal from the surgery and let the bone bond with the implants. We also offer the Teeth in a Day option.

Why dental tourism?


Given the high cost of dental care in the United States, seeking dental treatment in Mexico can be a viable option.

Dental care costs are cheaper, for example, in Mexico. A single dental implant in Mexico costs a fraction of a similar dental implant in the United States.

Dental tourism is not new. Every year, millions of Americans and Canadians seek affordable dental care in Mexico or anywhere abroad where is cheaper than the United States.

Are you ready to get full dental implants in Mexico?

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Last Updated: February 23, 2020.