Zygomatic Implants is the Ideal Solution for People With No Bone

What are Zygomatic Implants?

The zygomatic implants are the ideal solution for people that have a severe bone loss or detriment in the upper jaw (zygoma).
The bone loss happens when you lose several upper teeth. If you wait long periods of time to restore your teeth, you will have a bone recession.
When teeth are missing, the bone in a natural reaction begins to shrink. Sometimes, the bone can recede in large amounts. For those cases, the zygomatic dental implants that can be set into your upper jaw.


Illustration that shows how the zygomatic implants are set.
The illustration shows the anatony of zygomatic implants when set into the bone.

There is no solution for bone deterioration. But, you can solve it with posts that can be set into the zygomatic bone.

CAD CAM image of zygomatic dental implants

Sometimes the bone loss can be severe. Maybe a bone graft is not an option anymore. These type of implants may be the solution for people with nlack of maxillary bone. They provide a grip to hold a fixed hybrid denture over them.

Zygomatic Implants Review

*Watch the video review of our patient. He had the Zygomatic implants set at our dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico.

It is a good solution for People With Bone Problems

Patients with narrow or thin bone


X Rays show how the zygoma implants are set into the bone of the patient.

In the X-Ray you can see how zygoma implants are set into the upper cheekbone (zygoma bone)

This solution will address not only bone loss or bone grafting complications, you will also be able to load on top a fixed hybrid denture that will stabilize your bite. Now you will have a strong bite and you will be able to chew your favorite foods!
People with an advanced bone loss can benefit with these type of implant.
Bone loss is a natural phenomenon that happens when a tooth is missing or extracted. Over time, the bone will start shrinking. In some severe cases, dental implants cannot even be set because of the lack of bone.


The zygomatic implants are longer than the regular tooth implants. They anchor or grip to the bone that forms our cheekbone.



Illustration shows the zygomatic implants procedure.

This is the way the zygoma posts are set into your bone.

Zygomatic Dental Implants Cost In Mexico

The cost of the Zygomatic implants in the United States can be quite expensive. A treatment in a dental facility like Clear Choice can cost up to 45K for the upper arch.

In Mexico, we use the same brands as your home dentist. You can come to Cancun and save thousands on your dental vacations!

Zygomatic Implants Cost in Mexico

6,750 US
  • 2 zygoma implants
  • 2 regular implants
  • 3D CT Scan & Surgical Guides
  • Temporary Denture
  • Surgery Room

The zygomatic implants are the last chance for many patients with bone density problems. At last, you will be able to chew your favorite foods again!


Can I have Zygomatic Implants With Snap On Dentures?

Unfortunately, these type of implants cannot be rehabilitated with Snap-On Dentures. Only a Fixed Hybrid Bridge or a Prettau Zirconia Superstructure can be set on top.


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