Why Full Dental Implants Will Keep Your Jawbone Healthy?

Full dental implants can help you avoid irreversible problems on your jawbone. Losing a tooth or several teeth can be more than having an unpleasant aesthetic look. Problems arise when your bone has no support above it. If teeth are missing, The natural reaction of your jawbone is to shrink if there is nothing to support it. And it could cause a lot more problems than you can imagine.


You should be more informed about jawbone health when teeth are missing.  When you lose several teeth, your bone will start shrinking and irreversible damage. You can avoid future problems with full dental implants. Why? Because dental implants provide the support, your bone needs to stay strong.

Anatomy of a jaw when bone jaw recession happens.

Normal anatomy of the jawbone Vs. bone loss

The damage caused by tooth loss can be more significant in people missing several teeth. Tooth loss can cause damage to your jawbone and even more to people with several teeth.

When you are missing several teeth, your jawbone will begin to weaken. The deterioration comes when teeth are absent, caused by the lack of stimulation ovens the bone tissue.  A healthy jawbone will hold teeth to your mouth. Regular jawbone stimulation comes when you use your teeth when you eat, for example. When you lose that stimulation, the bone starts deteriorating. More rigid basal bone in your jawbone will wear away with time if you decide to avoid dental implants.

The jawbone shrinking is irreversible.

If your bone condition gets worse, you will start noticing some changes in the shape of your face. You could also experience difficulty when talking or chewing.

The osseointegration process helps the bone cells fuse to the titanium dental implants. Dental implants will provide the required structure to stimulate the jawbone cells. Full dental implants will preserve your jawbone health and functionality.

Keep a Jawbone Healthy With All On Four Dental Implants

People who have lost or are losing their teeth consider several oral rehabilitation options. From a dental bridge to Snap in dentures, dental implants, All On Four, or All On six.

Standard dentures could be an affordable option, but only with full dental implants will you be able to preserve the jawbone density. When the screw is set in your jawbone, it will act as the root of a tooth, providing the proper support for any biting force. The screw fuses to your jawbone during the osseointegration process. The osseointegration process begins right after an implant is set. Full dental implants will help you avoid bone loss.

Full dental implants are helpful for patients that hope to avoid regular dentures or any removable device. It is ideal for patients that need a strong bite because the bridge attaches to your jawbone.

The All on 4 dental implants is a cutting-edge technology developed in the ’90s. Tested and used globally on thousands of people looking for a permanent solution.

The All On Four implants provide the ability to chew all the foods you like. You will also recover your social confidence while you smile, speak, laugh, or eat!

Wil full dental implants you can avoid future bone shrinking problems. take care of your oral health today with All on 4 implants.

Bone volume in a jawbone after missing teeth

Single dental implants will help the jawbone tissue stimulation. The stimulation is needed for proper jawbone health. For people that already have jawbone degeneration, a graft could be necessary. Full dental implants are a good option for people who miss several teeth.

The angled position of the titanium posts increases the contact with the bone tissue, which aids during the osseointegration process.
A fixed bridge over your bone structure benefits includes the ability to chew and bite all the foods you like. The palate-less denture will maintain the proper health of your jawbone tissue. It also keeps your facial structure, providing a natural-looking jawline and teeth.

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