What Is a Tooth Implant?

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All you need to know about tooth implants

If you are in the need of a permanent solution, you need to understand how tooth implants work.

For thousands of years, man has dreamed of finding a way to replace missing teeth.

Tooth implants are used to address the loss of teeth. They form the solid foundation that will support the new tooth. The dental implant design is based on the foundation of a natural tooth.

Affordable Dental Implants in MexicoA natural tooth has two main parts:

1) The visible part is the crown, and it is located above the gum line.

2) The second part is the root, which is hidden and securely anchored in the jawbone.

It is almost impossible to distinguish an implanted tooth from a natural one. Given the degree of perfection attained by the materials used for artificial crowns.

The hidden part is the dental implant has a screw shape. Which replaces the function of a natural tooth's root and is anchored to the bone.

Despite the many designs that had been tried with unsuccessful results, most effective one appears to be the anchoring system. Which is like common carpentry screw.

The tooth implant treatment is done when a tooth needs to be replaced, several teeth, or all teeth replacement.

Tooth Implants For a Long-Term Solution  


With proper placement, the titanium screw can remain in the mouth without discomfort for an indefinite period of time. Or at least, that is the main goal.  

Tooth Implants Placement

Tooth implant structure in the maxilla

There are people who had them set in 30 years ago!   Many materials have been tested for use as dental implants. But, at present, only titanium is unanimously accepted. Titanium is a metal that is capable of integrating into the bone without any problems. Due to a feature that other metals do not have. Our body is designed to reject all foreign elements that invade it. We have several methods to detect them. The first concerns the presence of proteins foreign to our body that are eliminated fast. This allows our body to defend itself against bacteria and viruses. Although this mechanism is also responsible for the rejection of grafts from other people. Additional dental implants problems could arise due to the modifications that metal ions produce in our proteins. They trigger a defensive reaction and rejection of the metallic agent.

Osseointegration Is The Key For A Successful Placement  

Metals in contact with body fluids capture oxygen. They oxidize and undergo a process of ionization. This oxidation causes the outermost atomic layer of the metal to suffer changes. These changes alter its junction with the next layer of atoms that are not oxidized. So, what happens is that they detach themselves. Leading to the oxidation of the next layer of atoms. Also, repeating the process of ionized metal release. These ions are unstable. To restore stability, they bind to host proteins, creating a metal-protein complex that is mistakenly recognized by the body as an invading antigen. As any bacteria or a virus, it triggers the immune system to defend itself against it. Lymphocytes begin to multiply to fight against the supposed invader. Besides to steel, the so-called "stainless-steel," which also oxidizes, contains 14% nickel, 18% chromium, 2% manganese, and 3% molybdenum. Too many ions.   Titanium does not do this. Its first layer of atoms oxidizes, but this does not alter its strong binding to the second layer of atoms. ➡ They remain stable in position. As a result, no ionized atom is detached, making it invisible to the biological defense systems. ➡ Tissues such as bone repair their injuries without perceiving the aggressor and they establish solid bridges with this invisible object. This is a fortunate fact for humans, as it allows this metal to be used for many medical purposes, one of them being dental implants. Thus, the term 'rejection' is erroneous, as the body cannot reject something it cannot detect.

How is the procedure done?

  The process of placing a tooth implant into the jawbone or maxilla is simple. With great care, the implant dentist specialist drills a hole in the bone for the setting. The tooth implant surgery is a minimal procedure that is usually painless for the patient. It is sometimes possible to place a definite tooth over the screw immediately. But, the most common procedure is to place a provisional tooth. Once in place, the healing process begins and with it, the osseointegration of the implant. Bone cells grow by establishing strong bridges with the metal. This process takes between one and four months. In some rare occasions, a different tissue to bone grows around the titanium screw. This is known as fibro integration. It is painless, but it impedes the desired bone fusion. It has to be removed and placed again.

Comparing a single tooth implant with a building construction


To understand the complexity of placing a dental implant, we can compare it with the creation of a building. The structure that rises above the ground would be equal to the tooth's crown. The part that we do not see for being buried in the ground, the foundations, would be equal to the dental implant. Without these foundations, the building would not be supported.  

The tooth implant structure works as any building foundation.

The image show how a tooth implant resembles the structure of a building.

The proper placement of a foundation requires a study of the terrain, which can be of different consistencies. Sometimes rocky. At other times gritty. In the same manner, the bone in which the dental implant will be placed can have different densities. Sometimes the bone is very dense, which is not favorable because it has a lower number of vital cells that are in charge of establishing the solid bone bridges. It could also happen that the bone density is very low and also has a low number of those necessary vital cells. Determining the bone quality can usually be done with the help of a radiological study (such as a CT Scan) while taking into account factors such as age and sex. Based on this information, the placement of the adequate implant is decided upon, including the appropriate design, length, and thickness.

What happens if we want to build a building in a certain area and there exists a fault in the terrain? We can create complicated inclined foundation systems so to avoid that area. But it would be more logical to level the terrain out first. Producing a Producing a strong enough filling to then build the foundations for the future building.

With the single tooth implants placement, we are often faced with a similar problem. If there is a lack of bone in the correct position for the placement of an implant, we can fill it with bone graft, thus compensating for this loss. Briefly after, the restorative elements in the body will form a bone of similar or greater density than the surrounding bone. This way, the screw can be placed with great precision, in the right place and proper angle. Which is essential for long-term duration.

We must consider that the placement of a solid and effective foundation is crucial for supporting the building. If this fails, it all comes down, regardless of the building's beauty.

Tooth Implant Cost

The dental implants cost in the United Stated can be higher compared to the prices you can find in Mexico. In cities such as Dallas or New York, a single tooth implant can be priced up to 5,000 US per tooth!

The tooth implant cost in cities such as Dallas or New York is much higher than in the rest of the United States. Where a single tooth implant can cost up to 5,000 US per tooth!

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