Top 5 Advantages Denture Users Are Missing Today

If you wear ordinary dentures today, you know all the troubles when trying to have a normal bite.

Maybe you feel wonderful using denture glue daily, trying to keep stability in your bite. But, it is challenging for most people to keep their dentures stable.

If your teeth are missing, you will find a solution. The old-fashioned answer is ordinary dentures with a covered palate. These dentures keep you from feeling the food's temperature or taste; you will also need glue or adhesive.

Those were great solutions in the past. But now, many implant solutions exist for people with low bone density.

The Snap-On Dentures with mini implants are the ideal solution for people with receding or thin bones. It is more common to place Snap-In dentures over mini-implants on patients already ordinary denture users.

What is the Snap In Dentures over mini-implants?

Like a regular implant, we place the mini implants into the bone. The advantage of this mini implant is that we can load the Snap-On Denture on top immediately. That means that contrary to the All-On-4 treatment, you must come down two times to Cancun; with the Snap-In Dentures with mini implants, you only need one trip.

This is the way the mini implant holds the Snap-in Denture in place.

The mini dental implants are shorter than regular-size implants. 

We place at least six mini implants per arch; the ideal is to set up to eight mini implants per arch. On top of that, we will load an adapted palateless denture. The denture has encrusted o-rings that snap on and off when they sit at the mini's head.

It will "snap" inside the denture's o-rings when you put pressure with your fingers over them. It will provide a stable bite that will return your ability to bite or chew. Forget about limited food choices; you can now eat a steak, raw carrots, or even toffee. You will have the freedom to eat anything you want!

This is the way the mini implant holds the Snap in Denture in place.

When you have a stable smile, you also recover your confidence. You will smile more often. You like how you look, and don't worry about losing teeth when you laugh or speak. And because food doesn't get stuck in the palate, you can lose lousy breath (Halitosis).

The mini dental implants are cost-effective and straightforward for people who use dentures and need stability. If you wear traditional dentures now, you are missing the following benefits you get after Snap-In Dentures over mini implants:

Forget about wiggly or loose dentures. As soon as the denture sits over the mini's head, it will "snap" on, providing a solid bite. It would be best to press the snap-on denture over the mini head with your fingers. No glue or adhesive is required to keep the Snap-In dentures in place. You can snap them off anytime to clean them.

Digestion problems can arise when you don't bite your food correctly or under limited food choices like soups or mashed potatoes.
Eating all types of foods increases your intake of nutrients and offers full health benefits. You boost your immune system and energy levels by taking the proper nutrients. You are also open to new food choices like animal protein, nuts, raw vegetables, etc.

Not only will you increase your nutrient intake, but you will also be able to enjoy your food. Regular dentures cover the palate, preventing you from feeling the food's temperature or flavor. With ordinary dentures, you lose the taste of food. The Snap-In Dentures are palateless. You have the palate roof uncovered, and you will taste the flavors and feel the temperature again.

When you lose your teeth, you will notice the jawbone will start receding or shrinking bone. You can expect a shrinking bone when the area doesn't have support or a "use." If you have missing teeth, you will notice the bone starts shrinking. It is a natural body process; the only way to avoid it is when you place a regular or mini implant. The recession of bone is permanent, and with Snap-On Dentures, you are a step forward to a healthy jawbone density.

It would be best to face the fact that most doors open when you keep a positive attitude and smile. You feel safe and confident with a secure denture (like the Snap-In) at social gatherings or intimacy. You will have a pleasing smile as we design it with the colors, size, and height of your preference and feel good about it. Smiling also benefits your complete health.

This in an upper denture with rubber housings that will clip to the head of the mini implants.

It is almost impossible to compare the upgrades you get with Snap In Dentures with mini implants against ordinary dentures. It is the fastest, most affordable option for people with a low jawbone density.