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Snap On Dentures, What Are They?

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Snap-On Dentures With Mini Implants for People With Poor Bone Density

The Snap-In Dentures is a palateless denture that comes with encrusted rubber housings.

The Snap-In Dentures can be set over mini or regular implants. This page will show you the benefits of Snap On Dentures with mini dental implants.


The Snap-In Denture is a removable denture that snaps on and off as many times needed. The snap or "clip" happens when you press them with your fingers against the head of the mini implants.

It is a removable solution that provides stability and a strong bite.

What are Snap On Dentures? Snap On Dentures are a palateless and removable denture that comes adapted with rubber housings. The housings sit over the ehad of the mini implants. Providing a strong bite to eat any food you like.

Snap-In Dentures Over Mini Implants

The Snap Dentures can be set over mini dental implants or over the All On 4

People that wear traditional dentures cannot wait to ditch them!

Common dentures problemsAbout 30 million people in the United States wear regular or common dentures.

Maybe you are one of those denture users that are "doing just fine thank you" with their ill-fitted denture.

It is possible that over time you adapted those 20-plus-year-old dentures but feel quietly unhappy. Maybe you decided to wear your dentures only for the occasional "night on the town".

What are the most common denture problems that encounter people that wear traditional dentures?


Wearing traditional dentures can harm your complete health. From not being able to chew properly, to stomach problems. People that wear regular dentures need a different solution.

People that wear regular dentures need a different solution. A treatment that provides the much-needed stability to bite any foods you like. Also to feel safe on any social gatherings.

Regular dentures cause sore gums, pain and slippage problems. Some people need messy denture glue on a try to keep them secure. However, denture adhesive is not 100% safe. It also tastes terrible and may cause stomach problems.

With common dentures, you may feel unsafe when you speak, eat or laugh. You may even find yourself avoiding social gatherings. Having problems with your teeth can seriously affect your social life.

When you don’t feel safe with your teeth even your self-esteem can become compromised. You can even get depressed. 

How does the Snap-on Denture clips to the mini implants?

The Snap On Dentures come with rubber housings that will hook to the head of the mini dental implants.

The Snap In Dentures provides the grip and the stability you need for a strong bite.

The Snap-In Dentures are removable and palateless. They snap, sit and hook over the head of the mini implants that we set into your jawbone.

But, how do they hook? The Snap-In dentures come with rubber housings that sit over the head of the mini implants.

Then is when the denture "snaps" over the head of the mini implant. They will not hurt your gums either!

The head of each mini come shaped as an o-ball. When the Snap denture sits gently over your gums, they will hook, clip and lock to the mini implant head.

The common is to set from 6 to 8 mini dental implants per arch.

The Snap-In Dentures gives the stability and strength to bite and chew all the foods you like. Those foods can be "hard" foods, such as nuts, carrots, etc.

The Snap On Dentures is NOT the permanent dentures.

If you need permanent dentures, then you need the All On 4 dental implants, please click here to learn more about this treatment.

If you would like to learn the difference between both treatments, please read our page clicking here: All-On-4 Dental Implants Vs Snap-on Dentures.

Mini implant dentures
This is how the snap on dentures work. The denture has encrusted rubber housings that will lock the denture to your jaw.

How do Snap On Dentures Work?

The Snap On Dentures come with encrusted metal/rubber housings or O-rings on their inner base. The external part of the mini implant is ball-shaped and it will lock the denture when it snaps. To snap the denture, you pressure it against your gum with your fingers and that will clip the denture over the head of the mini implants. The Snap On Dentures will not move or slip, giving you the freedom to eat all the foods you like.

We can also customize your own dentures with rubber housings. We need to check your dentures first to see if they can get adapted with O-Rings. If your current dentures are in good condition, we can adapt them with encrusted rubber housings as well!

With Snap In Dentures, you will be able to bite and chew nuts, a steak, hard vegetables, lettuce, etc.

The Snap In Dentures are the best solution for people with a poor bone condition.

After the placement of the mini implants into your bone we will create the palateless dentures.

We will craft a newly adapted denture that will sit over your gums when you pressure it down with your fingers against your gums.

That is when they "snap" gently onto the head of the mini implants without hurting your gums.

The Snap In Dentures come with encrusted rubber housings that can be replaced with new ones every year or when needed.

When the housings sit over the head of the mini implants, is when the snap effect happens.

After you snap your dentures in, you will get a strong anchor that clips to your mini implants, making it easy to eat any types of foods.

The Anatomy Of The Mini Implant



Snap On Dentures Vs Implant Dentures, Which one is really better for your oral condition? Both systems use different types of dental implants. the All-On-4 uses regular size implants whuile the mini implants are for the Snap On Dentures.The mini implant (1.8 mm) is shorter than the regular size implants (3.75 mm). Thay also have different shape! The mini implant is designed for people that need shorter implants because of having a narrow bone.

* The mini implant dentures are a good option for people with bone density problems or shrinking bone.

Through a minimal surgery, the minis are set into your jawbone or maxilla. The Snap On Dentures needs 6 to 8 mini dental implants (per arch) to work well.

* To know how many Mini Dental Implants you need you can send your panoramic X-ray. You can also until we check you here at our dental clinic in Cancun.

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You just need 8 days in Cancun to get Snap On Dentures

To get this treatment, will only need you to stay eight days in Cancun and twelve days if you need extractions of your teeth.

Possibly, we can also customize your own dentures. We need to check them first to verify if they can get adapted with O-Rings. 

You will also be able to relax and have a vacation while we create your new teeth!

Click on this link to view the Snap-In Dentures Cost in Cancun, Mexico.

Click here to view the Snap-OnDentures cost in Mexico.

Snap In Dentures Before and After

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