Snap On Dentures Vs All On 4 Implants

A Removable Bridge Vs a Fixed Bridge

When you want to upgrade from conventional dentures to dentures with implants, you can have a removable or a permanent prosthesis.

What are your options when you want to get denture implants?

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    Removable (Snap On) Vs Fixed denture (All-On-4)

    The inner base of a Snap On Denture (right) and a Prettau Fixed Hybrid Bridge (right)


    If you're learning the difference between

    • Snap-On Dentures. Removable.
      Clip-on and off
      the palateless denture with the pressure of your fingers as many times as needed. Or,
    • Denture Implants. Fixed.
      A prothesis locked
      into the abutments of implants, and a dentist can only remove it. It can be a Fixed Hybrid Bridge or a Zirconia Prettau Bridge.


    This webpage will help you decide by knowing the different options to rehabilitate your mouth entirely.

    Implant supported dentures? Or implant retained?


    The two treatments are different solutions, but share the same mission, to restore your oral functions such as your occlusion, your chewing capabilities, and the force and stability of your bite.

    Zirconia Prettau Superstructure Vs Snap On Dentures


    The Snap-On Dentures are removable dentures that clip on and off as many times needed if they are set over regular size implants we suggest placing six dental implants.
    If you want mini-implants, we suggest six or eight per arch.

    The base of a Snap-On Denture is designed to sit on the head of the implants. The palateless denture clips in and gives stability. They are removable when you unlock them; you can take them on and off when desired.


    The All-On-4 has a fixed restoration locked into the head of the implants. Fixed means the bridge will not move. It is screwed or attached to the implants set into your bone. The implants (which are already bond with your bone) is the foundation that holds still the hybrid bridge on top.

    A Prettau Fixed bridge will lock on top of the All-On-4 or the All-On-6. The full-arch palateless denture stays secure to the head of the posts.

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    Types of Restorations (prosthesis)

    Zirconia Superstructure Prettau Bridge


    PEEK Ceramage


    • PEEK Substructure Crystal Ultra
    • With inserts of 12 to 14 units
    • Can be set over All-On-4, All-On-6, All-On-8, and Zygomatic implants

    Hybrid Bridge


    • With inserts of 12 to 14 units
    • With a titanium bar and high impact acrylic
    • Can be set over All-On-4, All-On-6, All-On-8, and Zygomatic implants

    Snap On Dentures


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible to adapt or modify the denture I wear now?

    Maybe, and just in the case for Snap On Dentures over mini dental implants.

    It is not possible to modify your acrylic dentures to any fixed solution. But, in the case of the Snap in Dentures, in some cases, it is possible to insert the housings inside. It is imperative to check the denture once you get a clinical checkup here in our clinic in Cancun, Mexico.

    How to clean the Fixed Hybrid or the Prettau Bridge?

    The fixed denture can be removed only by a dentist. We suggest to clean it every six months to check the health of your gums too.

    When the dentist removes the bridge, it needs to be unscrewed from the abutments they've been locked into. They will do a professional cleaning and lock them in back again.

    On your daily habits, you must brush the same way you would with your regular teeth. We suggest the use of a Waterpik to remove small bits of food and bacteria that could get stuck between the gums and the bridge or palateless denture. We also suggest anti-bacterial mouthwash. It is important to preserve the gums healthy to keep the implants in optimal shape.

    How to clean the Snap On Dentures?

    You can clip on and off your Snap In Dentures as many times as needed. At least twice a day, you should remove them and brush them with your toothbrush with water and maybe neutral soap. Do not use any denture cleaners. You also need to brush your gums and use an anti-bacterial mouthwash.

    Can Snap On Dentures be set over Zygomatic Dental implants?


    We do not recommend to set Snap On Dentures over Zygoma dental implants.

    Zygomatic implants are set into the zygoma bone (the cheekbone). People needing them are patients with serious bone degeneration or recession. The less pressure and constant movement we place over the zygomatic implants the better. A fixed hybrid bridge, a peek composite and even the Zirconia Prettau are the fixed dentures indicated in these cases.

    Why would anyone choose the removable option (Snap In Dentures) over the Fixed Bridge?

    The most common reason is the budget. The Snap-In Dentures can be the right choice at the moment. Later, you can make an upgrade to the Peek Ceramage (Crystal Ultra) bridge or the Zirconia Prettau.

    How many implants do I need to get a Fixed implant bridge?

    The ideal and the most common is to place four implants. Depending on your health and bone situation (and the solution require), we can put more, five, six, or eight.

    More implants can provide extra stability and they will be set where you have best bone availability.

    When you have a full set of implants, you can trust that if one fails, you still have the rest to support the fixed bridge that loads on top. Strong implants can hold the pressure of any bite. You will recover the ability to bite and chew anything you want again.

    When the bone is narrow, we could also suggest zygomatic implants for upper; or even Snap-On Dentures with mini dental implants for upper and bottom arch.

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    Can I sleep with the Snap On Dentures?

    Yes, you can. It is your choice, you clip them on and off as many times as you decide or need.

    Regardless if you choose a fixed bridge or a Snap-On Denture, they will both help you recover your ability to chew all the food you like. Ditch soft food, or shakes as meal replacements!