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Save On All On 4 In Cancun Mexico

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We are the #1 All-On-4 clinic in Cancun


Mexico owns the highest medical and dental standards. At our clinic, we deliver high-quality treatments, such as dental implants,  All On Four,  All On Six, Snap-In Dentures.

Cancun is located on the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan. It is the most important resort city in Mexico.

Map of Cancun

We are located just a few hours away!

Cancun is on the Mexican Caribbean coastline. Over 4 million American visitors come every year to spend their holidays. The airport in Cancun receives over 150 daily direct flights from the United States.

Cancun is also the safest city in Mexico. The Cancun hotel zone (Kukulkan Boulevard) is like Miami's South Beach!

The area is surrounded by first class restaurants, nightclubs, beauty spas, amazing beaches, tons of activities and stunning views of the beach, as well as the Nichupté lagoon.

Cancun is available for any budget. There are hotels from 50 US per night, up to resorts with rooms at 500 US per night. You can choose from the 172 places to stay located in the Hotel Zone.

Of course, the city counts with large medical and dental facilities.

If you are thinking about having the All-On-4 in India or Thailand, just think about a 20-hour flight! Instead, you can have dental vacations just a few hours away from home! We are neighbors, you are a couple of hours away from Dallas, three hours away from Chicago, four hours away from California.

Remember you need two trips down to complete your All On 4 treatment in Cancun.

Why Do I Have to Visit Cancun Twice For My All On 4 Dental Implants?


Because the treatment is divided into 2 stages. You will need to come down to Cancun a couple of times to finish the treatment.

  • Step 1 of The All On 4 - The Evaluation
    First trip to Cancun

    The first step of the All on Four is the initial consultation. We use CBCT 3D X-ray CT Scan, which we own at our clinic.

    The 3D CT Scan will provide a 3D image of your jawbone and maxilla, where we can identify where you have larger bone width. That way we can create surgical guides.

    Other dental clinics in Cancun do not own the 3D CT Scan, therefore they can not set the dental implants with surgical guides.

    All the digital evaluation is already included in the All On 4 cost.

  • Step 2 of The All On 4 - The Surgery
    First trip to Cancun

    The surgery is the second step of the All On Four.

    If you need any extractions, they can be performed in this same session.

    The implants will be set into the bone. In the case of the jawbone, four posts will be set. In the case of the upper mandible, four posts will be set. Two straight and two angled (the ones in the front).

    In the case you need six implants (for the All On 6), they are also set in the same surgery session.

    You can be sedated during the All On 4 surgery at an additional cost. The surgery is the foundation of the All On Four.

  • Step 3 of The All On 4 - Temporary Teeth
    First trip to Cancun

    At our in-house laboratory, we will fabricate the temporary teeth, also called "Teeth in a Day". These are the partial teeth provided after the All On Four surgery.

    In the 95% of the cases, the temporary teeth can be set 24 hours later. There are some cases, usually when they were many extractions, then we would have to wait 5 days until the swelling goes down.

    You will return home with temporary teeth. You will be able to eat and look normal.

  • *Waiting Period* Four to Six Months - The Fusing of the implant to the bone

    Completed 6 days in Cancun, you can return home.

    After the tooth implant placement into your bone, your body will start working on a natural process called osseointegration.

    The osseointegration is the waiting period, from four to six months, during which the titanium post will fuse to the bone.

    When the osseointegration process is completed, then we are able to load those posts with an implant denture.

    The implant retained dentures will give you a bite stability and a strong grip. The posts will hold the hybrid bridge that loads on top of it.

  • Step 4 of The All On 4 - Waxing Tests & Adjustments
    Second trip to Cancun

    After four to six months (depending on your own bone condition), you can return to Cancun to finish the rest of the All On 4 treatment.

    This time, we need you in Cancun for ten to twelve days. Once at the clinic, we will evaluate your bone and gum condition.

    We will also perform a minimal surgery during which we will uncover the head of the implants through the tissue and gums.

    We will perform wax tests, molds, and impressions. We will create your hybrid bridge at our in-house laboratory.

    Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology.

  • Step 5 of The All On 4 - New Set Of All On Four!
    Second trip to Cancun

    We will test your new set of teeth! Once the All On 4 is finished, we ask you to try them out during a couple of days.

    If any adjustments are needed, they will be addressed immediately.

    You can return home with a smile makeover and a strong bite.

    With the All On Four or All On Six, you will be able to chew hard foods, or laugh and speak without worries!

What is the All On 4 Cost in Cancun, Mexico?


Relax in Cancun

Relax during your Dental Vacations in Cancun!

The cost of any dental work is cheaper in Mexico than in the United States. Depending on which state you live at, you can expect savings up to 75% on permanent dentures.

We use the same implant brands, same protocol, the same technology and same treatment but you will only pay a fraction of the cost.

Cancun is beautiful! There is no need to go to the border (Tijuana) or to travel further (Costa Rica). Cancun is the Mexican Caribbean and the preferred destination for millions of Americans that visit us each year!

You can't go wrong with Cancun! Come down and get dental vacations while you relax in the Caribbean!

If you need low-cost hotels in Cancun, try The Clipper Club, The Beachscape resort or The Real Inn. They are all located in the Cancun hotel zone.

Please contact us and learn all the details on how to get massive savings on your permanent teeth while you relax in Cancun!

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