Dental Implants In Cancun With U.S. Quality

Dentist in Cancun checking an American patient.

If you are looking for dental implants in Cancun, Mexico, you can rest assured that the quality is the same. There are no differences between the brands or the quality of the treatments provided.

Implant dentistry in the United States (especially in big cities such as New York, San Francisco, or Dallas) can be costly. For example, a single dental implant in Houston, TX, will cost about 5K to 7K each.

There are low-cost dental implants options available for you. And they are just a flight away in the beautiful Caribbean beaches of Cancun, Mexico.

Getting your dental implants in Mexico will help you save thousands of dollars. You can save up to 75%, with the same quality as any treatment received in the United States.

Why Should I Choose Dental Implants In Cancun?

When you are missing one or several teeth you can opt for a permanent teeth solution.   From a single implant to the All On Four, you can find a solution to restore your oral functions. There are many different brands of dental implants available for purchase, but all of them are made from a very durable material called titanium. Here at our dental clinic in Cancun, we only use FDA approved implants. You will take back home your serial number in case you want to rehabilitate your implants back home.

We use the same types of implants that you would get in the U.S. But, our prices are more affordable and economical. Restoring your dental implants in Cancun you will save thousands of dollars.

Dental tourism patients that come down and save around 70% compared to their home dentist. We also use well-known implant brands, such as Straumann, Zimmer, Nobel Biocare, 3i, etc. Rehabilitating your implants back home will be no problem in the case you need it.

Dental Implants Surgery

We follow the same sterilization procedures. We use (AUTOCLAVE) to ensure your safety. After the surgery, you could experience some mild pain and swelling. We will prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatory pills, and antibiotics.

*If you use strong painkillers such as Codeine, please bring from home as in Mexico we are not allowed to prescribe those. You will have to end the round of antibiotics. with the help of prescriptions. You will still be able to enjoy your vacation in the beautiful resort city of Cancun.

If you are on a budget and you need low-cost dental implants, choose Cancun for your procedure. We can help you restore your mouth with the same U.S. quality for a much better price. You can save up to 75%!

The main reason for traveling abroad for dental care instead of having it in your hometown is the savings. You can have our assurance that you will get the same quality of FDA-approved dental implants in Mexico that you would receive back home.

But you will not sacrifice the quality. You can have our assurance that you will get the same quality and FDA-approved materials that you would receive in the United States.

teeth Implants are the best solution to replace missing teeth


If you already lost one or several teeth, then dental implants are probably the course to take.


You can not restore all teeth with a simple bridge. Sometimes, it is better to preserve the adjacent teeth and to solve the issue on one single tooth implant or will full mouth implants if you already lost a full arch.

It does not matter your situation, we can find a way to restore it with implant dentistry solutions.

Implant BridgeThere are many sizes and widths of dental implants available. Once you come visit us at our dental practice in Cancun, we can determine what size and width of implant you need.

If you have any recent X-rays or CT scans, contact us and send them so we can provide a free quote. This will help us to determine the condition of your bone as well as important information about adjacent dental structures. This way, we can make the best recommendations for your dental implant procedure.

Whether you need regular, narrow, or mini dental implants, they are all made from titanium. This is the same material that is used for any orthopedic treatment such as hip replacements. It is a very strong material with low risk of rejection.

Although titanium implants have a very low risk of rejection (approximately 2%), there are still rare cases in which it could happen. If you are one of these rare 2% cases you do not need to worry because you have a warranty that may be applied to you.

Recommendations Before Setting Teeth Implants

Please contact us and send us your panoramic x-ray and we will send you a free pre-diagnose and a quote.

Before coming to get dental implants in Mexico, please try to follow the next instructions,

It is not a requisite, but we recommend that you visit your family doctor first or get some lab tests. That way we can ensure that you are in good health before you come to our facility in Cancun for dental implants.

If you have any unresolved periodontal infections or problems you have to solve them first. Make sure that they are properly treated before you undergo procedures for dental implants in Mexico or anywhere else.

Dental Implants in Cancun, the vacation your mouth needs

Get affordable dental work and enjoy a holiday in Cancun at the same time!

If you need any implants procedure but you don’t want the procedure to interfere with your vacation schedule, you will be happy to know that we only need to see you two or three in the clinic.   Our dental clinic is located in Cancun Mexico Because we are willing to work around your schedule, you can get dental implants and still enjoy the rest of your vacation in Cancun. Also, because our stitches are absorbed into the body you don’t need to worry about coming back to have them removed.

Remember the aftercare of your dental implants is your sole responsibility. You will have to learn new oral hygiene habits. After placing a dental implant the bone must bond with the titanium screw. this will usually take four to six months.

You can also have immediate load implants but it is not recommended in most of the cases. The six months waiting period is for the osseointegration process. It is important as the dental implant is the foundation of the crowns or bridge that will be on top.

You can relax and recover in the safest resort city in Mexico. Cancun is available for any budget. Coming down will still save you thousands of dollars.