What Are The Main Benefits Of Investing On Permanent Dentures?

If most of your teeth are full of cavities, falling or missing, maybe you need a permanent solution.

If you have a good bone condition, then the All On 4 dental implants could be ideal for your case.

Permanent dentures anchorage device. create by Dr Malo in the 90's.

The denture implants system in a human mandible.


It is the most modern dental technology and an optimal solution for people that need to restore their bite functions.


It is also perfect if you feel tired of denture glue.

The All On Four does not need any adhesives and the brings stability you need to eat like when you had It is like eating with your own teeth!


The All On Four for the upper maxilla, provides the anchorage you need to chew any foods you like. Yes, that includes hard foods!


The treatment is a palateless denture fixed with implants. They look and feel like real teeth.

The implants are inserted into your jawbone or maxilla. Those screws will hold the hybrid bridge.

*The All On Four is setting two lateral implants set straight and other two front ones set angled. Therefore, the All On 4 is requested for the upper Maxilla.

You can have All On 6 on the lower mandible for a stronger grip.

What is that hybrid bridge made of? The hybrid bridge is made with zirconium or porcelain and titanium.

The implant dentures look and feel like real teeth. All milled, crafted and prepared at our fully equipped in-house laboratory.


Why are the permanent dentures a good investment on yourself?

Denture Implants before and after


It is a common and straightforward procedure. After the completion of the treatment, you will be able to recover your oral functions and stability. We will also design a new smile for you!

You will be able to chew and bite all types of foods. Chewing a steak, an apple, peanuts or any foods you used to enjoy will not be an issue! You can now forget about soft food, soups or food cut in tiny bits.

You will also recover your confidence. To feel insecure about your teeth can affect your self-esteem. After you get your permanent dentures you will be able to speak or laugh with confidence. There will be no need to worry about another embarrassing moment!

You can also ditch your denture glue! No more need to invest on messy adhesives. The All On 4 can be only removed by a dentist as they are screwed to the posts we set before into your bone.

It is a low-cost permanent solution. The All On Four can last a lifetime if you take proper care of them. It is ideal for people that want to look good and eat normally again!

The fixed hybrid bridge will stay firm over the implants. It will not loosen up or wiggle.

They won’t slip or slide when speaking or eating. They are secured and screwed into the implants attached before in your jawbone, creating stability when you bite and chew your food.

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