Last updated, July-9-2019.

Permanent Dentures, The full-arch dental implant bridges

Patients call "permanent dentures" to the implant retained palateless dentures.

The fixed implant dentures are a solution for the millions of Americans that suffer every day from tooth loss problems. Missing teeth is considered a serious problem that not only affects your bone, it also affects your daily life.

A permanent solution like the Fixed implant dentures can save you time and money in the long run. You will need implants placed into your bone to load on top a Zirconia restoration; a full-arch implant-supported bridge as the Prettau.


What are Permanent Dentures?

The full-arch Prettau fixed bridge is also known as "permanent dentures". It is the optimal solution for people that require a full-mouth restoration.

The full-arch bridge is secured over implants placed into your bone. This is the All-On-4 concept.

The treatment concept was created by Dr. Paulo Malo in the '90s. After decades of tests on thousands of patients, the denture implants is the most stable treatment for people that want permanent teeth with a full-arch bridge made of Zirconia.

The All-On-Four gives the stability needed to secure on top a Zirconia Bridge. The Zirconia Bridge doesn't require any glue and gives the secureness needed to bite and chew properly. Like when you had your own teeth!

The Prettau Zirconia Bridge is a palateless denture (or full-arch bridge)

If you're a candidate for the implant-supported dentures, On the first stage of the treatment, four implants inserted into your bone. When the implant and the bone bond after a few months, we will later fit a Zirconia bridge on top.

You can have All On 6 (six implants set instead of four) for a stronger grip. The Prettau Bridge is firmly secured into the implant's abutments, giving the stability you need.


What are the materials in the Prettau Bridge?

The Zirconia Bridge is a combination of Zirconia and titanium; they look and feel like real teeth! At our in-house laboratory and digital milling center, we craft all prosthetic devices.

The Zirconia bridge stays firm over the implants. It won't wiggle or move, and it doesn't require any glue or adhesive. You can feel confident it will stay in place!

When Would I Need Permanent Dentures with implants?

If most of your teeth are with these conditions maybe its time to think about a permanent solution,

  • If you already wear dentures and you are done with dentures glue
  • If most teeth are moving or falling
  • If you have the necessity of extensive dental work with implants
  • If you have several teeth missing or full of cavities and needed repair

Missing Teeth Problems

Problems with missing teeth include the inability to eat several types of food.
You lose the ability to bite and chew properly, and it affects your self-esteem and social life too.

Also, when you're missing teeth, your bone will begin to shrink. It is a natural reaction when there is no tooth to be supported by the bone. The lack of teeth will damage the bone's integrity and width.

If you have a good bone condition, a solution like implant-retained dentures with the All-On-Four dental implants could be ideal for you.

*Patients with a poor bone density can benefit from the Snap-On Dentures over Mini Implants, click here to learn more.

Why the Permanent Dentures are The Best Investment On Yourself?

A set of permanent dentures, better known as Prettau Zirconia Bridge is the best investment you can do on yourself and here are the reasons why,


  • Optimal oral health. The All-On-4 is a straightforward treatment. It will help you recover oral functions and bite stability. We will also design a new smile, and your looks will improve!


  • Eat like a regular person again. You will be able to eat, bite, and chew all types of foods. Eating a steak, an apple, or peanuts are no longer an issue! You can forget about soups, soft food, food that requires to be cut in tiny pieces. You will get a strong denture grip.


  • Recover your confidence. Feeling insecure about your teeth can affect your self-esteem. After you get your implant retained dentures with a fixed Prettau bridge, you will be able to laugh, kiss or speak with confidence. No more worries about embarrassing moments!


  • Ditch your denture glue! No more investments in messy dentures glue or adhesives that also hurts the stomach. The full-arch Zirconia implant bridge is a non-removable prosthetic that can be detached only by a dentist.


  • It is a low-cost permanent solution. If you take the proper care of your denture implants, they can last a lifetime. As long as you keep your gums free from periodontal diseases that can put on risk the integrity of the implants, the denture implants are a permanent solution. No more "patches" in your mouth, get a full mouth reconstruction once and for all!

Permanent Dentures Cost

These are the costs at our clinic in Cancun,Mexico.

1st Stage of the All-On-4
3,600 USD

This is the first part of the treatment when the implants are placed into your bone.

3,600 USD
2nd Stage of the All-On-4
5,900 USD

Zirconia Bridge, a fixed full-arch Prettau Bridge

5,900 USD

The permanent dentures price in the United States is expensive. You can expect to pay about 30 THOUSAND USD per arch! Why pay that amount when you can have the same quality and technology at our dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico?

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