Mini Implant Dentures FAQ’s

Last Updated August 19th, 2022.

These are the most frequent questions we receive by email about the mini implant dentures. Please feel free to read below, but if you have any more questions, please call us toll-free at 1-888-818-6328

Most frequently asked,
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    The mini implant dentures are a good solution for people with either,

    • Poor bone density
    • Bone narrowness

    If you do not have enough bone for a permanent solution like the All On 4, the Snap-In Dentures over mini implants could be an excellent choice to get a retained denture.

    A set of mini dental implants set on a model with Snap on dentures
    Mini Implants with palateless dentures


    The head of the mini-implant is shaped like an o-ball and it will lock down the dentures when they snap.

    This is how the mini-implant anchorage system works. The head is shaped like an O-Ball and the clip-on denture comes with housings encrusted in the inner base.

    The Snap-On Dentures is a prosthetic device that hooks, locks, clip, snap, or sit over the head of the mini dental implants previously placed into your bone.

    The palateless denture comes with encrusted rubber/metal housings that will clip over the head of the minis.

    The housings will snap and lock down over the head of the mini implant. Once you clip on the denture, you will get a solid grip to chew any foods you like!

    You only need eight full days in Cancun, or twelve days if you need any extractions.

    Answers to the Most Common Questions We Receive About the Snap On Dentures

    Do I need any denture adhesive with Snap-on Dentures?

    No, you will be able to ditch your denture's adhesive and glue forever!

    Denture adhesive can cause several stomach problems. Even if you use the best brand! They usually can never hold the bite pressure. The adhesive can lose adhesion, causing embarrassing situations while you speak, laugh or eat.

    The Snap In Dentures is a palateless denture that snaps or clips on and off from your jawbone. You only need to pressure it with your fingers against your bone (where the mini-implants were set) to lock it down. You can snap it on and off as many times as needed.

    Can I sleep with my Snap-In Dentures?

    Yes, you can. It is a personal choice (like sleeping with the socks on). You can sleep with or without them. Take them in and out as often as you need to clean them. You can snap them on and off as many times as desired.

    How long does the mini dental implant set surgery take?

    The surgery takes about 2.5 hours.

    During the following days, you will return to the clinic at least three more times for your waxing tests. Your final Snap-On Dentures will be ready just after eight days! You can have new teeth in just one week in Cancun!

    Can I get extractions on the same trip you set the mini-implant dentures?

    Yes. If you need them, please try to visit us for 12 days as we need the swelling to go down a bit before the wax tests. In this case, we will perform the extractions in the first session. The Snap-in dentures price already includes four extractions for free. Contact us for further details.

    Is Snap-On Dentures a permanent solution? 

    No, the Snap-In Dentures are removable. If you want a permanent and fixed solution, then you need the All On Four treatment; click here to learn more about permanent dentures.

    Can my existing dentures be adapted to be Snap-On Dentures? 

    Yes, in most cases, it can be done. When you use dentures, your bone continues to shrink. In some cases, dentures cannot be used any longer because they are worn out. In some other cases, it can be easily adapted with the rubber o-rings encrusted on the denture's base.

    How stable are the mini dental implants

    Mini Dental Implants (MDI) do not have the same stability as regular size implants. The MDI is smaller in size and width. They are specifically designed for people that lack a large amount of bone. It is not the ideal solution if you have a good bone condition. Therefore, the mini implants have a bigger chance of failing if the patient lacks the proper oral hygiene or if he smokes, for example.

    Is it possible to have palateless dentures without implants?

    No, it is not possible. With ordinary dentures, you need the roof of the mouth to create an area where you can place the adhesive or glue. You need either mini or regular implants if you want a palateless denture.

    How much is the Snap-On Dentures Cost at your clinic in Cancun, Mexico?

    For Snap-On Dentures, you need mini dental implants. Depending on your case (like the size of your jaw and your bone condition), you could need six or eight mini dental implants.

    Snap On Dentures with six mini dental implants, USD 3,900 per arch (lower or upper denture)

    Snap On Dentures with eight mini dental implants, USD 4,800 per arch (lower or upper denture)

    All costs already include,

    • FREE digital examination with CAD/CAM technology and surgical guides
    • Four extractions for FREE - Any extra extractions needed at 50% OFF (Only USD 49 each)
    • All waxings tests and consultations

    We are certified dentists in Mexico offering low-cost dental work in Cancun.