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Getting Dental Work Done In Mexico, Is It Worth It?



Getting dental work done in Mexico or anywhere outside your hometown is called Dental Tourism.

Cancun Dental Specialists is the American's preferred option for dental implants in Mexico. View of our waiting room.Dental Tourism Is Not New 

For at least two decades, tens of thousands of Americans and Canadians have been looking to get dental work abroad. And they have good reasons too!

People from the United States and Canada seek a dentist in Mexico to complete their dental needs.


But, why would you choose to get dental work done in Mexico?

First, let`s see what it means to have dental work done in the United States.

Dental work in the United States is expensive. They will justify the higher costs with multiple visits for simple procedures. In the United States, completing a porcelain crown can take weeks, while we do it in a couple of days.

Also, in the United States, they are obligated to pay for insurance and high liability costs. Plus the real state prices for properties are higher, etc. The cost of living in the United States is expensive and it will be reflected on your dental bill.

Clear Choice Dental Implant Cost

$3,500 US approximately each


Mexico Dental Implants Cost in Average

$890 US

Teeth implants cost in the USA can be pricey. You can also get your implants set in Mexico and then have the rehabilitation at home. But, the savings will be tempting and you might want to return for the second part of your treatment and keep saving while you get another dental vacation!

What Are The Advantages Of Getting Your Dental Work Done In Mexico?

Dental Work In Mexico Cost

One of the advantages of getting dental work done in Mexico is that it is cheaper at the cost without sacrificing the quality.

You can expect to save from 65% up to 75% compared to your home dentist.

How is this possible? In Mexico wages are lower, there is no obligated insurance, rents are cheaper, taxes are lower, etc.

You can get the same dental work with the same quality, protocol, and materials as any dentist in any major city in the United States.

Dental Work in Mexico Quality

Dental laboratory in MexicoAll materials are imported, FDA approved. We only use the best quality materials at our in-house laboratory.

You can complete a complete smile makeover in one single trip (for porcelain crowns and veneers, or for Snap On Dentures) or in a couple of trips with the All-On-4. Click here to view all the steps to the All On 4.


We own a the full-service CAD/CAM Dental Laboratory.

We are the ONLY dental facility in the Cancun area with a fully equipped, in-house CAD/CAM digital laboratory and milling center.

We own the latest CNC Machines, CAM Software, and Dental CAD.

Another advantage is that in Mexico we have the best quality dental laboratory with the highest hygiene standards.

We are proud of the quality we offer to our dental tourism patients. We are the most respected dental facility in the area. Come for a FREE consultation, or click here to get a free diagnose.

We use CBCT 3D X-Rays Technology.

Cone Beam Computed Technology (CBCT) is imperative for a proper digital diagnose. With the aid of CBCT Technology, the Maxillofacial surgeon can get an exact setting of the All-On-Four dental implants.

At our laboratory and clinic in Cancun, we offer the next technology,

  • Intra-Oral Scanning CS3600 Carestream
  • 3D Printed Guided Surgery For Dental Implants
  • ISQ de Ostell
  • CBCT 3D Digital X-rays and Intra Oral Imaging
  • Biolase
  • Stone Mixer and PFM Centrifuge
  • Dyamach FZ2 and Dyamach DT2
  • Electrobisturi
  • Medit Hybrid and Acrylic Injection
  • Sirona Infire - Porcelain Bake, oven, and press
  • Waterlase Iplus

Getting Dental Work Done In Mexico Is Handy

We are neighbors. For example, it is a 3-hour flight from Dulles International Airport to the Cancun Airport. Maybe you are looking for a dentist in India? Forget it, it is a 24-hour flight!

Cancun is close, safe, and convenient. It is the most popular and the biggest resort city in Mexico. Over 4 million Americans visit Cancun every year!

You can be one of them and combine your dental work with dental vacations!