Discover 5 Proven Tips For a Fast Dental Implants Recovery

Some people lack one or several teeth. Replacing a missing tooth can have many options, such as a bridge or the most common, dental implants. If you need one or several implants placed in your jawbone, the dental implants recovery is basically the same for all. There are some factors that need to be avoided. When you have dental implants in Cancun, Mexico, or anywhere in the world, you need to know that the dental implants recovery starts right after the screw is placed in your maxilla or jawbone. The body and your immune system will react. The aftercare for dental implants recovery is crucial for a successful healing.

For a positive dental implants recovery, new daily hygiene habits should be acquired. The moment you leave our dental clinic in Cancun, you become 100% responsible for the aftercare which includes these points:

Smoking Not Allowed

no-smokingSmoking can be one of the worst things you could think of after a dental implants placement. The heat it provokes, the substances and nicotine in your mouth will not help at all for your dental implants recovery. The oxygen that flows in your blood torrent will be reduced and the adequate blood irrigation is an important factor to have an optimal dental implants healing.

Read more about how long before you need to stop smoking before implants.

Exercise & Heavy Activity

Avoid heavy excercise when having your dental implants or your All on 4 dental implants set in your jawbone.Our natural body reaction acts just about the same as any other surgery when an alien agent is palced in our bodies, such as a dental implants. the immune system and the bosy will be focused in the rejection or the acceptance of the implant. Optimal blood irrigation is neccessary and when you workout your blood pressure elevated and could cause innecessary bleeding where the screw was placed. Excercise should be retaken lightly 2 weeks after the implant placement.

Your Prescription Medicine

MedicineThe aftercare of your dental implants surgery is influential in your healing and recovery after oral surgery. Taking the complete round of antibiotics is also a must. The antibiotics suspension could compromise the outcome of the dental implant surgery.


Your Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene after All On Four or tooth implants.
Teeth can be lost for several reasons but the most common is because of the results of not having a proper oral hygiene. Changing your daily oral hygiene habits is necessary after the dental implants surgery. Using water floss, such as a Waterpik and mouthwash will also help.


Careful With Some Foods

Even though dental implants can feel as strong as real teeth, watching what you eat from now on will be your responsibility, avoid chewing ice, nutshells, or any other hard food. Also remember your teeth are not opening tools, do not compromise the integrity of your implants.


Dental implants are meant to last a lifetime but it much depends on your daily habits and oral hygiene. If you need dental implants in Mexico we are here to help, we only use imported brands, all FDA approved. Call us toll free for a FREE quote! 1-888-818-6328