Do I need previous dental studies before I travel to Cancun for my All-On-4 treatment?

You do not necessarily need any dental studies before coming down to Mexico for dental treatment at our clinic.

With X-rays and pictures, we can give an accurate quote about your treatment. Also, sending the diagnose or dental plan offered by your dentist can help us make a comparison for you to view.

Complete the form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Pictures for oral study

If I have an infection, can I have the dental implant surgery?

The best the bone condition is, the better the response the implant will have in your body.

Infections put at risk the success of the implant placement. Gum diseases and bacteria will not let the bone bond with the implant properly; it will interfere during the Osseointegration process needed to create a strong foundation.

Therefore, it is better to treat the infection with a round of antibiotics previous to receive the All On Four treatment.

Can you perform extractions and set the implants during the same surgery?

The dental implant placement and any extractions are taken care of during the same surgery session. Also, bone grafts and sinus lifts if you need it.

During the same surgery and using the same sedation, we extract the teeth and place the implants in the ridge of the bone, avoiding the need for bone grafting.

Each case is different, and clinical evaluation is necessary.

How many days after the surgery will I get a temporary denture?

It will take from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the swelling. The surgeon will determine it.

What type of temporary teeth will I wear during my healing process?

This is a set of temporary teeth after the All-On-4 surgery
Temporary teeth on an All-On-4 patient

It is an acrylic denture that will aid you to eat during the healing process after the surgery. It is also possible to have a Snap-On Denture anchored with a couple of mini implants, but that depends on,

- Your bone condition
- Your budget (Setting mini implants and a Snap-On Dentures generate additional costs)


After six months, your implants will be ready to set on top of a fixed Zirconia bridge.

What are the eating restrictions with the temporary teeth?

The temporary denture is like any other conventional denture. It does have a palate, and you will have to use dentures glue. You will still have to stick to soft foods until you return six months later for your fixed bridge.

You can also opt to get mini implants and a Snap-On denture for your healing process, but it depends on your bone condition, and your budget as the Snap-on denture will have an extra cost.

What type of medications do you prescribe for pain control?

We prescribe anti-inflammatories and strong pain killers like Ketorolaco. We will also give a prescription for a round of antibiotics. If you are used or need medication with Codeine, please bring them down with you.

After the All On 4 surgery, what type of prosthesis can be load on top of it?

Depending on your bone condition, needs and budget, we have these three options.

FIXED OPTIONS - Non-removable
A) Zirconia Superstructure. A full arch bridge with Zirconia inserts of 12-14 units. Laser milled.
B) Fixed Bridge. A full arch hybrid bridge made of Acrylic and Titanium.

Snap-On Dentures. An adapted acrylic denture with housing to snap on and off from abutments over your implants.

Upper implant fixed dentures
Graphic shows how the head of the implants attach to the SNap On Dentures
Prettau Zirconia Bridge

The three options have different costs. Please click here to view our price list.

Is the prettau bridge a fixed bridge?

Fixed Hybrid Bridge Over Implants
A full set of implant dentures.

The Prettau Zirconia Superstructure is a fixed bridge. The bridge will anchor to the abutments at the end of each implant set in your bone. It provides an aesthetic look for the patient while it gives the necessary grip to stay still in your mouth.

It doesn't matter if you eat, laugh or speak; the Prettau Bridge will not move around your mouth.

Where is the Prettau Bridge Manufactured?

The complete Pretteau superstructure is designed with the latest CAD/CAM technology and manufactured at our in-house laboratory, in order to get the best precision, accuracy, and quality for the final structure. Each part of the process is supervised step by step.

All dental pieces are manufactured at our in-house digital laboratory. CAD/CAM Technology gives us the chance to plan your treatment on a 3D view from the beginning. Each piece is laser milled at our machines.

Our laboratory is inside the clinic. Your pieces will not be sent anywhere else. All dental prosthetics we create are created under the same roof. The specialist will follow your treatment from the beginning.

Cad Cam Laboratory in Cancun
Our CAD/CAM laboratory

Will my new set of permanent teeth look natural?

Zirconia is an excellent material that replicates the aesthetic look of natural teeth.

We design your smile according to your looks, face height, and shape. We also will let you choose the color. You can have the smile of your dreams for the very first time.

We always interact with the patient during the design of the final superstructure; once approved, we will manufacture it at our in-house laboratory. We can transform even the most damaged teeth into a functional bite with natural and aesthetic results.

Is the All On Four a permanent solution?

If you take the proper care and have adequate hygiene for your implants, they are supposed to last a lifetime. Titanium is a biocompatible material that once bond with your bone, it will stay as a part of your body.

The aftercare is crucial and necessary to keep your gums free from any disease. The bridge needs to be removed by a dentist every eight months for regular cleaning and a checkup of your bone condition.

Its a minimum maintenance any Dentist can do back home, or you can always come back to do a follow-up.

Picture of s fixed hybrid bridge
Prettau Zirconia Bridge preparation in our in-house CAD/CAM laboratory.

How to clean the All On 4 with Zirconia Full-Arch Prettau Bridge?

Your rituals and habits of mouth hygiene must improve significantly after the surgery. Brushing the fixed bridge, the use of mouthwash and Waterpik must be part of your everyday routine.

The optimal condition of your implants depends much on your habits.

Every eight months, you should visit your dentist or come back here for a follow-up.

All On 4 Implants system.

These are the steps to clean a Zirconia fixed bridge at our clinic in Cancun,

  • You will get a 3D CT Scan, which we will need to check the condition of your bone.
  • The bridge will have the caps of the chimneys removed. The chimneys are the small holes where screw connects the bridge with the abutment)
  • The bridge will be unscrewed and removed to be professionally cleaned and polished.
  • We will check the condition and health of your gums too.
  • We will screw again the bridge and cover the chimneys once more.

Why do I need ten days for the second trip of the All-On-4?

The Zirconia bridge is a prosthesis you will wear for many years. Ten days on-site for the full manufacture is well worth it. This will provide the right timing to prepare, manufacture and adjust the fixed Zirconia bridge.

The Zirconia Superstructure requires preparation time for the milling and the oven. As any prosthetic piece, it has a protocol and procedure to follow, and we cannot rush a process.

What type of warranty do you offer for the All-On-4 treatment?

We offer a 5-year warranty on-site.

|     Last Updated February 28, 2020.