We offer the lowest All On 4 Dental implants cost in Mexico!

First Stage, Implants Setting.

Includes a 3D Digital X-Ray, surgical guides for the implants setting, four dental implants*, total costs of the surgery, Maxillofacial Surgeons and all staff fee, temporary denture and consultations.
4,900 4,300 USD per arch

Prettau® Zirconia Full-Arch Bridge
Second Stage, Final Teeth

Fixed Zirconium Superstructure full-arch bridge. With Inserts from 10/14 units.
6,900 5,600 USD per arch
Illustration showing the lower mandible setting of implants for the All On 4 dental implants.

We are the only dental clinic in the Cancun area with its own CAD/CAM digital laboratory and milling center. It is the largest and most equipped digital laboratory in the area. No other clinic in Cancun owns our technology. Holding the laboratory is one of the main reasons we can offer an affordable All On 4 Dental Implants cost for our patients.

We offer low-cost dental work in Cancun, Mexico with the same quality you can expect to find with your dentist in the United States. We offer the cheapest way to do an all on four dental implant treatment outside the U.S.

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The full dental implants cost already includes,

  • Local Anesthesia used during the procedures (IV sedation upon request at a special price)
  • All consultations and waxing tests
  • FREE computerized evaluation with 3D CT Scan
  • FREE surgical guides
  • FREE pickup from the Cancun airport
  • FREE transportation to and from your hotel to the clinic

Dental Implants Cost At Our Cancun Clinic

Single Titanium Tooth Implant (per unit)

890 USD

Dental Implant + Abutment + Zirconia Crown

1,550 USD

Implant Bridge (3 unit bridge + 2 implants)

3,150 USD

Mini Dental Implant

450 USD

Sinus Lift

1,500 USD

Single Root Canal

250 USD

E-Max Porcelain Crown

399 USD

E-Max Porcelain Veneer

380 USD

Bone Graft (per CC)

200 USD

Surgical Extraction

150 USD
TreatmentDays needed in Cancun
All-On-44 days (5 days if you need extractions)
All-On-64 days (5 days if you need extractions)
Prettau Full-arch Bridge8 days
Snap In Dentures8 days

We own and operate the largest in-house laboratory in the Cancun area.

We are equipped with the latest technology. As owners of the laboratory, we can guarantee the quality of your prosthetic treatment. We have full control of your dental work and is not sent anywhere.

We also use 3D Imaging and CT SCAN, CAD/CAM, model planning, surgical guides and a detailed smile design before any dental treatment begins.

Restoration Type4 Implants6 ImplantsZygomatic ImplantsMini Implants
Prettau Full-Arch Bridge With Zirconia SuperStructureN/A5,590 USD5,590 USDN/A
Fixed Hybrid Bridge - Titanium/ Porcelain Finish High Impact Acrylic4,990 USD4,990 USD4,990 USDN/A
Removable Snap-On Denture, Porcelain Finish High Impact AcrylicN/A2,490 USDN/A3,900 USD

How Much Does The All On 4 Cost in the United States?

The set per arch of full dental implants in big cities such as Dallas or New York can cost as high as $45,000 US. For just one arch!

Here in Cancun at our All-On-4 clinic, we use the same brands your home dentist use, such as Nobel Biocare. Our in-house digital laboratory is fully-equipped with the latest technology.

You can have a dental vacation and save thousands at the same time! Do your own research. We offer the best quality of full dental implants in Cancun, Mexico.

You can save up to 75% in comparison to the full mouth dental implants cost you can find back home.

  • Our clinic in Cancun

    9,990 USD - Complete. 1 arch.

  • Clear Choice USA

    25,000 USD - Complete. 1 arch.

  • Implant Center Las Vegas

    29,500 USD - Complete. 1 arch.

Reviews of patients here at our clinic

Why should you invest in permanent dentures?

No More Denture Glue!

Ditch your denture adhesive forever! The Prettau Bridge with Zirconia Superstructure is screwed to the implants set before into the bone. No wiggling, no movement, no slippage. Just a strong bite!

Permanent Teeth Solution

With the Prettau Bridge or the fixed hybrid dentures, there will be no need to take your teeth out. You can now speak or laugh with confidence

Get The Smile Of Your Dreams

We can design your new smile, like the one you have always dreamed of. We can pick the size, shape, height, color, etc.

Eat All You Want

The All On Four gives the stability you need to chew any types of food.

If you have a strong bite you are able to chew all the foods you like. It can be corn on the cob, an apple, a steak, etc. Forget about baby food and soups!

Also, as your new fixed denture is palate-less, you will be able to taste the flavor and feel the temperature of your food. This is like having your real teeth again!

Low Cost dental implants in mexico

We offer the same results at a price you can afford.

Choosing dental implants abroad doesn't mean you will sacrifice the dental work quality.

We believe we are improving people’s lives when we provide a solution they could not afford back home!

Every year, thousands of American patients come to Cancun for affordable dental work. Our clinic offers high-quality dental services. We are proud representatives of dental tourism in Mexico.

All On 4 Implants Xray adn fixed hybrid denture

Satisfaction 100% Guarantee

Our dental clinic in Cancun offers quality at a fair price

We own the laboratory where we craft any prosthetic device. We use the same milling machines, technology, scanners and protocol as any top-notch dental implant center in the United States.

Also, ALL OUR DENTAL WORK HAS A 5 YEAR WARRANTY ON SITEReplacing your upper and lower teeth with an implant supported bridge it is now cost-effective.