Fixed Hybrid Bridge Vs Snap-In Dentures

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Fixed Hybrid Dentures Vs Snap In Dentures Over Implants

Which one is better and why?

Now that you have set your full set of implants, you are ready for the rehabilitation process.

Hybrid Bridge

The base of a hybrid bridge for an All On 6

Remember the All-On-4 is divided into two trips down to Cancun.

On the first trip, we will set dental implants. Four, six or eight implants can be set, depends on your health and bone situation.

The ideal and the most common is to set four implants. This will give extra stability.

When you have a full set of implants you can trust that if one fails, you still have the rest to support the hybrid bridge that loads on top.

When bone is narrow, we could also suggest zygomatic implants or even Snap On Dentures with mini dental implants.

After the dental implants are surgically set, a six-month waiting gap is needed for the Osseointegration process.

This is a natural process. A reaction from our body where the bone will try to bond to the implants. That way, you will have a strong foundation to load on top either a fixed hybrid bridge or a Snap On Denture.

What is the cost to rehabilitate the All On Four?

In the second trip, you will have to restore your implants. You have two options.

One is the secured (fixed) option, the other one is the Snap (removable) option.


Fixed Hybrid Bridge

5,000 USD

Snap-In Dentures Over Implants (removable)

2,700 USD

The table expains the type and cost of restoration for the mini-implants, zygomatic, All On Four and All On 6
How can you restore your implants and how much will it cost you per arch?

Fixed Or removable solution for your Denture implants?

After six months,  you will have a strong foundation. Now it is necessary to load on top either a fixed or a removable solution.

* The All On Four and All On Six can support a fixed hybrid bridge or a removable Snap-On Denture. Zygomatic Implants can NOT hold the Snap In Dentures, click here to learn more.

Can we adapt my current denture for the implants?

How are they cleaned?

Why would anyone choose the removable option (Snap In Dentures) over the Hybrid Bridge (fixed solution)?

The most common reason is the budget. The Snap-In Dentures can be a good choice and you can always upgrade to a fixed hybrid bridge.

*Snap-On dentures can NOT be placed over Zygomatic implants. Click here to learn why.

** If you have severe bone narrowness, you can also have mini implant dentures. Click to learn more.