Where To Find Affordable Implant Dentures

If you've been looking for affordable dental implants then you may hear about dental tourism.

What is dental tourism? People that need a certain amount of dental work have already done some research. Some had a visit at their dentist and got an opinion and a quote. People realize they cannot afford dental work back home. Dental tourism patients recognize they can have the same quality of dental work abroad. They also acknowledge the benefits of time and money savings! Saving up to 70% compared to the dental implants cost of the United States.

Dental tourism in Mexico is very common among American and Canadian patients.

An American patient got affordable Nobel Biocare implant dentures at our clinic. Under the supervision of Dr. Irma Gavaldon DDS, head of our clinic. She is a US trained, certified and licensed dentist by the University of Michigan.

People use dental tourism for one or several of the following reasons:

a) To save money: If you have your dental work in Mexico you will save thousands of dollars, almost 70%. We use the same materials, brands and technology but our prices are fair. The dental implants cost in Mexico cannot compare to the full mouth restoration cost in the United States.

Dental vacations are about saving money, getting first class dental work in less time!

b) To save time: Having a complete smile makeover in the United States can take months or even years. It can take you up to 3 months and at least 4 visits to have one single root canal. Now just imagine full mouth implants! That will take dozens of visits and months to complete, even over a year or so! The reason why they take so much time is to justify the high costs. The same complete procedure with the same brand is set in a total of 15 days (divided in a couple of trips to Cancun). In just two visits to Cancun, you get permanent teeth. Take vacations from work and return home with a new smile, save money and time!

c) To get better quality and service: Some patients say our quality and service was the reason they chose us.  Patients often tell us that our service is superior to the one they find back home. We have the same quality as our clinic imports all materials.

We have an in-house laboratory. Equipped with the latest digital technology we offer you the best laboratory in the Cancun area. We own the same milling machines and CAD/CAM just as any first-class laboratory in the US has. Here we create the hybrid titanium/zirconium bars for the All-On-4. We only use the best brands in the market. We use Nobel Biocare implants. Includes the serial number in case you need to have your prosthetic work done back home. Also, all dental work performed at our clinic has a warranty on site.

Cancun Dental Specialists Clinic Waiting Room

Our dental clinic's waiting room.

d) To be closer: The dental tourism patients that consider dental implants in India, for example, should think it twice. In case you need to return for any change or improvement in your dentures, you will have to travel 22 hours! You are ages away from the dentist and just your flight ticket can cost $1,500! Your health is important, and a dentist in Cancun is still handy because it is only a few hours away from home. Also, a flight ticket from anywhere in the US doesn't cost more than $600 USD. Airfares to Cancun are not that expensive.

Cancun is a beautiful resort city. It is a safe city with many attractions. The Mexican Caribbean has beautiful surroundings, including white sand beaches and turquoise shores. You can't go wrong with a dental vacation in Cancun, it's the perfect place to recover! You will be able to enjoy Cancun and get your dental work done at the same time!

How much do dental implants cost in Mexico?

The average cost of dental implants in the United States is unthinkable for many. This situation obligates people to look elsewhere for cheaper solutions to fix their teeth. Affordable implant dentures are impossible to find in America. The All o 4 dental implants cost in the United States can be as much as $50,000 per arch. In Cancun, we use Nobel Biocare materials and we have the highest quality standards at a fraction of the cost. Our clinic in Cancun is capable of fulfilling any patient demands.

If you can't afford full dental implants that you much need, dental tourism could be a good option for you. any Americans benefit each year and come down to Mexico for a dental vacation. They get the same quality of permanent dentures at a reasonable price.

Why Choose Cancun Dental Specialists?

We have a laboratory on-site here at Cancun Dental specialists.

We are the only clinic in Cancun with it's own complete and fully equipped laboratory On-SIte.

These are some of the benefits we can offer for patients that want All-On-4 dental implants in our clinic:

We are the only clinic in Cancun with its own complete and fully equipped in-house laboratory. We are proud to offer unique services that no other clinic in the area can offer you.

We manufacture for almost all the dental clinics in Cancun. The rest just count with small labs for mixing, molds, etc. We have milling machines, laser scanners, digital ovens, CAD/CAM, etc. You can visit our lab while you visit our clinic.

We are the only Cancun dental clinic that owns a CT Scan. Some have panoramic X-rays. Panoramic X-rays are useful but for implant placement, nothing like 3D technology. We don't base your oral health on a hunch, here we all have it computerized. Only the latest technology available in the market. We can also set zygomatic dental implants.

We are American's preferred choice for All On 4 and dental implants in Mexico. We proud of the quality of service we offer. We own the best technology and equipment available in the dentistry field. We receive thousands of American patients every year! We are the dental tourism preferred option in Cancun!

Dental Tourism in Cancun, Mexico

Dental vacations are about having your dental work in the Mexican Caribbean while you save money!

Cancun Dental Specialists Team accreditations:

  • ADM - Asociación Dental Mexicana (Mexico)
  • ITI - International Team for Implantology (International)
  • CDA - Canadian Dental Association / l’Association dentaire canadienne (Canada)
  • AACD - American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (US)
  • AAID - American Academy of Implant Dentistry (US)
  • ADA - American Dental Association (US)
  • CDA - California Dental Association (US)

Here at Cancun Dental Specialists, we have set thousands of All On 4 dental implants.  We specialize in smile design and we craft thousands of cosmetic dentistry pieces at our lab. OUR STAFF IS 100% ENGLISH SPOKEN, COMMUNICATIONS ARE NOT A PROBLEM. Our Cancun dental clinic is for the American dental tourism.

We only use filtered water and we have the highest hygiene standards. We are a team of US accredited dental specialists based in Cancun. We are in Cancun's hotel zone on Kukulkan Boulevard.

There is no need to throw your money away. You can get the same quality, same brands and same protocol in Cancun, Mexico. Get affordable implant dentures at our clinic and save up to 70%. Enjoy a dental vacation with huge savings on permanent dentures!

We are ready to help! Please call us toll-free for a free quote! 1-888-818-6328