Dental Implants Abroad

Which are the most critical factors you should consider when choosing dental implants abroad?

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    Two chairn in the Cancun Beach Caribbean Shore

    The offer of dental implants abroad is extensive and can be confusing to you when you make a final choice.

    Many countries offer the option to get dental implants at an affordable cost.

    Today, many destinations offer a wide variety of options for dental tourism patients.

    Which are the most popular destinations for dental tourism?

    The most popular destinations for dental implants abroad are,

    • Mexico .- Most preferred destination for dental tourism; because of the proximity with the United States and the high-quality treatments.
    • India
    • Costa Rica
    • Thailand

    With so many offers, it can be challenging to make a choice and decide where in the world you should have your dental implants. It could turn a bit more complicated than choosing a regular holiday. You also need to consider any dental implants problems and concerns that could arise.

    Things to consider before choosing dental work outside the United States

    These are the factors you should consider before selecting a dental before implant vacations.

    How far is the destination?

    First, remember where you live. If you live in the United Kingdom, you will probably seek dental implants in Turkey or in Rumania, where you can expect quality dental work at a better price than in Europe.

    If you live in the United States or Canada, you will probably choose to have dental implants in Mexico or Costa Rica or somewhere on the same continent. Both are the most solicited destinations from dental tourism patients from the United States.
    Of course, many countries in Asia offer quality dental services too. However, the long trip makes it a bit expensive, and you should consider proximity in case some complications arise.
    The flight to India for dental implants will cost at least 1,000 USD, plus a 22-hour flight.

    Price for flight when you chose dental implants in India
    Price flight from Houston to New Delhi.

    It would be best if you considered your dental vacations as any medical treatment. If a complication arises, like losing an implant, for example, or an adjustment on your fixed bridge, then it makes it difficult to return home.

    When you consider dental implants abroad, the best thing is to have them close to home.

    Cost of dental implants abroad

    When you travel further it will cost more, that is a rule. Because if you add the airfare, it could end up costing you the same.

    Dental implants in Thailand or India could not be a great idea because of the length of the trip. The time to get there plays a significant factor when choosing dental implants vacations. A 22-hour flight to get dental implants in India will cost more than a two and a half hour flight from Houston International Airport to Cancun airport, for example.

    Mexico has very competitive prices for dental implants and in the end, it is not worth it to travel so far for a competitive cost.

    Consider a destination close to home that can offer the same quality in the treatments you find in the United States.

    You can choose dental implants in Cancun and you will still be close at home while you relax in the Mexican Caribbean.

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    Where To Stay During Your Dental Vacations In Cancun?

    The lodging plays a factor as well. You will need a few nights of a hotel to complete your treatment.

    View of condos in Cancun
    You can also rent condos or Airbnb on your trip to Cancun

    Cancun has over 250 hotels and resorts in the hotel zone. There are also condos for rent and Airbnb options.

    The ones located on the lagoon side are cheaper and can cost around $60 US a night. There is a hotel for any budget in Cancun.

    Consider your food options as well. You can choose resorts where for a fixed daily fee, you can have all the food and drinks included in the cost. These are called All-Inclusive resorts.

    There are also suite-style apartments where you have a kitchen; buy your groceries, and cook like at home. There are plenty of options; please contact our dental planners for more information on lodging options.

    Compare Experience And Health Standards

    Each country has different hygiene standards. You want to go to countries that are well advanced in the dentistry field. Mexico owns the highest levels of hygiene when it comes to dentistry. 

    When it comes to materials, Mexico is not a dental materials producer; therefore, all the materials used for any dental treatment and your Cancun dental clinic are imported from other countries such as The United States, Germany, Japan, and Belgium. 

    We buy directly from the supplier all the dental implants we place. We only use the best technology available. 

    When choosing dental work in Mexico, please research the experience of the medical staff. Read the reviews, do your research.