Cancun Dental Specialists - Meet The Best Dentists in Mexico

Being a dentist in Mexico requires years of preparation. Our head dentists have prepared in Mexico and in the Unitred States. They are in constantly updating their knowledge and education in the most advanced technologies on dentistry worldwide.


Facts of our team and our clinic,


  • All our staff is fully certified in Mexico and our head doctor is certified by the University of Michigan
  • We are the only dental clinic in Cancun with its own fully equipped in-house digital laboratory
  • We only use imported materials and the finest quality
  • All your dental work has a warranty
  • We use the highest standards of hygiene and the same protocols as any dental clinic in the United States

Our head dentists in Mexico

Dr. Irma Gavaldon

Our head dentist, U.S Licensed, and U.S. Board Certified Dentist.

Dr. Irma Gavaldon, Head dentist of Cancun Dental Specialists and Ocean Dental Cancun
Dr. Irma Gavaldon, Head of the team of Cancun Dental Specialists.


For the past 30 years, Dr. Irma Gavaldon has studied, taught and performed dentistry. She specializes in complex restorative dental cases. She handles dental implant rehabilitation and prosthetics. She supervises all the work done here at Cancun Dental Specialists.

She owns an impeccable reputation that reflects in the quality of dental work we serve here at Cancun Dental Specialists.

She first obtained a degree from the UNAM, the most recognized university in Latin America. Later, she continued her education abroad. Dr. Irma Gavaldon obtained a masters degree in Restorative Dentistry from the University of Michigan. The dental school at the University of Michigan ranks amongst the best three dental schools in the U.S.

After this period, she became a professor at Advanced Dentistry Program at the University of Michigan. At the same time, she ran a dental program for migrant workers with no access to dental care.

She has completed all tests and examinations to earn her U.S Board certification License in the states of Michigan and California. She is also licensed to perform dentistry throughout Mexico.

Dr. Irma Gavaldon always updates her knowledge of new dental technologies through advanced learning courses.


Dr. Omar Lugo

Dr. Omar Lugo DDS, OMS Specialist in Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Omar Lugo, our Maxillofacial Surgeon
Dr. Omar Lugo, our Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Omar Lugo DDS, OMS has been practicing oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for the past 15 years. His skills for dental implant placement also includes zygomatic implants, ridge preservation, sinus lift, etc.

Dr. Omar Lugo is one of the few maxillofacial specialists surgeons in Mexico certified to place zygomatic implants.

He is a graduate of UNAM University. The most prestigious university in Latin America. He continued his studies throughout Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, etc. before returning to Mexico to continue his practice.

He spent a long period of his early career years in trauma clinics and hospitals that specializes in maxillofacial surgery. He was active in many pro bono charities for children with Cleft Lip and Palate malformations.

Dr. Omar Lugo is a member of the International Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (IAOMS). He is also a member of the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists). Dr. Omar Lugo is a board member of the Mexican Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the AOCMF.

He brings experience and skills to handle any complex case.

Thelma Esquivel D.D.S. M.S.

Root Canal Specialist

Root canal specialists in Cancun Mexico
Thelma Esquivel DDS MS is our root canal specialist

Dr. Thelma Esquivel is our root canal specialist here at our dental clinic in Cancun.

She completed her studies at the UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). Once she graduated, Dr. Thelma Esquivel continued her education at the SEDENA Military Medical School of Health Graduates in Mexico city. She has been practicing endodontics for years.

She invests her time with continuing education and updates through the country and abroad. She participates in oral health prevention programs and dental care brigades in Cancun, Mexico.

Oscar Calvillo D.D.S. M.S.


Dentist in Mexico working on a patient
Our Periodontal Specialist

Oscar Calvillo D.D.S. M.S. performs common procedures at our dental clinic such as gum graft, pocket reduction procedure, or regenerative treatments. He also performs dental implants.

He is a current active member of the Mexican Association of Periodontology. He is dedicated when it comes to oral health. He also brings his expertise in aiding with treatments of severe decay.

He has intensively studied and updated his knowledge of oral health in Mexico and the United States. He began his education at the UASLP (Universidad Atutónoma de San Luis Potosí) and continued his studies in both Mexico and the United States. He is also an active member of the Academy of Osseointegration.

Cancun Dental Specialists


All On Four Dental Implant Specialists at your service to offer your dental work in Cancun Mexico


Here at Cancun Dental Specialists, we believe in dental care excellence.

We own the best technology in the Cancun area. With our equipment, our in-house laboratory and our team, we can deliver quality. Our clinic can be compared to any dental treatment you could receive back home.

We have the same technology any dental implants center in the U.S. offers.

Our clinic is the best equipped in the area. If you need dental work in Mexico we are definitely your best option. No other clinic in the area has the laboratory we own.

We also count with the best team of laboratory technicians, specialists and dentists in MexicoOur investments in the latest technology include:

  • Full-scale CAD/CAM in-house laboratory
  • CBCT 3D X-rays for surgical implant planning
  • Waterlase Hard/Soft tissue lasers for less evasive treatments
  • Therapeutic lasers to enhance healing.

At our clinic, you deal with professionals from the first contact. We are continuously improving our technology, tools, and equipment. Our staff is also updated with the latest dental technologies.

We are the only dental clinic in Cancun that owns a fully equipped in-house laboratory.

What Are The Advantages Of An In-House CAD/CAM Laboratory?

Satisfaction Guarantee


  • It is fast, convenient and efficient for dental tourism patients. When you need dentistry abroad, you count with a limited timeframe to complete your treatment.
  • All the procedure is done and completed under the same roof; ALL YOUR DENTAL WORK STAYS IN-HOUSE
  • Immediate quality control directly supervised by the same specialist who will complete your dental treatment.


When you own and operate your laboratory, as we do, we can make any immediate adjustments. That way you can return home feeling 100% comfortable with your new teeth. We guarantee the quality of all our dental work. We only use imported materials, all FDA approved. We also provide a certificate of each material used.