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What Effect Does Smoking Has On Dental Implants?


Dental Implants and Smoking, a Bad Combination The use of tobacco is associated with gingival bleeding, periodontal disease, bad breath and oral cancer. Dental implants might have a better success rate for non-smokers. But if you smoke, that does not mean that you cant have a successful treatment. Clinical experience and research results show very…

Top 5 Advantages Denture Users Are Missing Today

Snap On Denture Vs Regular Denture

Top 5 benefits common Dentures Users Are Missing from a clip on option Today If you wear common dentures today you know all the troubles that come when you try to have a normal bite. Maybe you feel wonderful using dentures glue every day trying to keep a stability in your bite. But, for most of the…

Is The Quality Of Dental Implants In Mexico Same As The United States?

Dental Implants In Cancun With U.S. Quality If you are looking for dental implants in Mexico you should learn that there are no differences to the treatment you could receive at any dental clinic in the United States. Implant dentistry in the United States (especially in big cities such as New York or Dallas) can…

How to Treat Periodontal Disease Before Dental Implants?

Periodontal disease

How to treat periodontal disease before dental implants? Periodontal disease (i.e. periodontitis) is a progressive condition which can affect your oral health. It can include the deterioration of gum tissue, the underlying jawbone, and tooth loss. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults worldwide. Never ignore the early signs of a…

Fixed Hybrid Bridge Vs Snap-In Dentures

Fixed Hybrid Dentures Vs Snap In Dentures Over Implants Which one is better and why? Now that you have set your full set of implants, you are ready for the rehabilitation process. Remember the All-On-4 is divided into two trips down to Cancun. On the first trip, we will set dental implants. Four, six or eight…

Crucial Factors To Consider When Choosing Dental Implants Abroad


Which are the most important factors you should consider when choosing dental implants abroad?     The choice of dental implants abroad is large and can be confusing you when you make a final choice. Many countries offer the option to get dental implants at an affordable cost. Today, many countries offer a wide variety…

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