Quick Guide: All-On-4 Step by Step

All On 4 Dental Implant Procedure Step by Step

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For the best results, the All On Four treatment is divided into two stages (two trips down to Cancun)

To complete the treatment you will need to come down to Cancun a couple of times.

  • 5 days on the first trip (allow six days if you need extractions too)
  • You need 8 days on the second trip for the restorative phase (with a Prettau Bridge with Zirconia Superstructure.)

This is the All On 4 Dental Implants step by step guide that you will follow if you are a candidate:

Step 1 - Make the first contact

We want to meet you! Call us toll-free now 1-888-818-6328 or complete the form online clicking here.

One of our dental coordinators will send you an email and then try to reach you by message or phone to give you the details. We will prepare a FREE pre-diagnose and quote based on the information you send to us.

If you already have a dental plan just send it to us through the contact form and we will send a comparison. Or send us your X-rays and we will prepare a pre-diagnose.

Image shown a panoramic x-ray
This is type of pre-diagnose we will send when you send us your x-rays.

Step 2 - Plan your dental vacations and come down to Cancun

Your dental coordinator will guide you through the entire process. Together, you will plan your trip down to Cancun.

Remember you need a passport to come down to Mexico. For the first part of the All-On-4 protocol, you need to stay five complete days in Cancun. Please stay seven days if any extractions are needed. please, never count Sundays as part of the trip.

If you need strong painkillers such as Codeine, please bring them back from your doctor. In Mexico, Ketorolaco is used as the most common analgesic for dental pain.

Image shows a dental Coordinator with the patient.
Our dental coordinators staff will take care of you from the initial contact until the after care of your All-On-4 treatment.

Your dental coordinator will greet you at the airport. As soon you arrive in Cancun you are in our care. We offer private transportation to and from the airport and also to and from the clinic all the times needed. We are located on Kukulkan Boulevard (in the heart of the Cancun Hotel Zone).

The logistic of your treatment will depend on the time you arrive at Cancun. If you arrive in the daytime, we will go to the clinic for the initial evaluation right after the airport pick-up. If you arrive late, evaluation and surgery will be carried out the next day you arrive.

We are just a few hours away from the United States. If you are thinking about countries such as India or Thailand for your All-On-4 just remember the long flight hours! Cancun is close to your home and is a beautiful resort city where you can have a great recovery.

Cancun is a safe city and ideal for any type of budget. You can get a room in the hotel zone for 60 USD. Ask your dental coordinator any questions you may have or if you need any recommendations on where to stay during your visit down to the Mexican Caribbean.

Step 3 - First consultation - X-rays with 3D CT Scan - Evaluation day

From all the steps in the All-On-4, this is the most important. The initial step of any full mouth dental implants treatment is your first computerized evaluation with 3D technology.

For your initial evaluation, we use CBCT 3D X-ray CT Scan. The 3D CT SCAN results are most important for your treatment. We will analyze and examine your bone density or any other problems you may have in the mouth.

All the studies we perform in your initial evaluation are already included in any dental procedure. The digital diagnose has no additional cost for you.

Our dental facility in Cancun owns the latest technology and equipment inside the clinic and in our in-house laboratory. Our clinic owns the same technology as any premier All On 4 clinic in the United States.

Computerized 3D Xray of a patient
Our clinic in Cancun owns the latest equipment and technology.

Step 4 - Surgical Guides - Evaluation day

We use the latest benefits in digital technology.
We create surgical guides thanks to our Stereolithography machines inside our laboratory. It means that the titanium post is set exactly where it should be. Nothing is a hunch here.
Surgical guides will cut the risks for any misplacement during surgery.
* Stereolithography is a form of 3D printing technology.
We are the only dental clinic in Cancun that offers the All On Four surgery with surgical guides.
We use the best brands, such as Nobel Biocare implants. For single posts, we may use Zimmer. Your dentist uses the same brands we do!
We will give you the serial number of your implants as well. In case you decide to do the prosthetic work back home.

You will need a round of antibiotics and painkillers. We will provide the prescriptions. If you need something stronger such as codeine please bring it from home as in Mexico we can't prescribe it.

You can expect some swelling and mild discomfort after the surgery.
We address pain with local anesthesia and oral medications. We also have IV Sedation available in case you need to sleep during the procedure. If you need any extractions then we can perform it in the same session. We can also do any bone grafts or sinus lift in case you need them.
The surgery is the second step of the All On Four. If you need six posts (for the All On 6 dental implants), they are also set in the same surgery session.
Surgical guides for the All-On-4 dental implants placement.
This is how we create surgical guides for the All-On-4 placement.

We are the only clinic in Cancun that has their own laboratory on site.We will make temporary teeth (Teeth In A Day) or partial dentures one day after the surgery.

We are the only dental clinic in the area with an in-house laboratory. We craft the 80% of all prosthetic pieces (hybrid bars) for major dental clinics in Cancun.

Depends on your own condition but the common is to place temporal teeth over your gums after 24 to 48 hours after the surgery. You will return home with your temporary teeth to chew well and look normal.

A few months later you will return to Cancun to get the hybrid bar for your All On Four.

Dental osseointegration process

Dental Osseointegration in a human bone.

After the dental implant placement, the human body starts with the osseointegration process. It can take from 4 to 6 months, depending on your own body. The osseointegration is a process your body develops when the bone fuses to the tooth implant. Just after the titanium screw is stable and fused to your bone we can load a permanent bridge. The implant supported dentures gives a strong grip. The posts provide an anchor between your jawbone and the hybrid bridge. Remember implants act as roots of a tooth. Where we will later load with a crown or a hybrid bar. Providing palateless denture implants that don't get loose when you chew, speak or laugh.

Permanent dentures cost less i Mexico, at our Cancun Dental Specialists clinic.After a few months, you will be ready for the second stage of the process.

Then you need to return to Cancun for 10-12 days after the osseointegration process has been completed.

We will check your oral and bone condition once again. We will then perform a minimal surgery where we uncover the head of your implants through your gums.

After, we make wax tests, take impressions and molds and we craft your hybrid bridge at our laboratory. We have an in-house laboratory equipped with the latest technology.

We supervise the preplanning, provisional and final restorations of all our dental tourism patients.

Final Step

Implant Supported Dentures Before and After

Test your new teeth! We create all the prosthetic devices at our in-house laboratory. Our laboratory uses CAD/CAM for the design and milling of your permanent dentures. We create natural-looking denture teeth that will help recover your confidence and bite functionality.

The fixed denture is a palateless device. that we hook to the posts set before. The permanent dentures give a secure grip, you will have a strong bite again and you will be able to eat again. Providing the anchorage you need for having a strong bite again.

Your implant supported dentures will have a natural look as well! We use zirconium that provides you a natural looking smile!

This is the final step to get permanent dentures! Now you can chew, speak and laugh with absolute freedom!

If you currently wear dentures you are familiar with all the problems that regular dentures cause, such as:

Dry mouth, which can be highly uncomfortable. 

Slippage and movement, even with messy dentures glue

Bad breath due to the food and particles that get stuck in the dentures ends and below the palate.

Sore gums due to the constant rub of the denture against your mouth.

Loss of confidence and self-esteem. You feel at risk of embarrassing moments when you laugh or speak

Digestive problems due to not being able to chew well your foods

Common Dentures Problems

Full Mouth Dental Implants Before and After

All On 4 implants procedure before and after.

When you wear regular dentures, speaking can also cause some trouble as the denture can move inside your mouth.

When you need denture glue to hold your overdenture, it can also cause serious stomach problems.

If you don't want to keep on dealing with all the trouble regular dentures cause and if you have a good bone condition, then you are a candidate for permanent dentures.

The All On 4 provides a strong bite. You will be able to chew your foods well. Avoid more embarrassing moments when you speak and laugh.


The All On Four is ideal for people that need a permanent solution that could last a lifetime!

We hope this All On 4 step by step guide is useful for you to the better understanding of how permanent dentures work.