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All On 4 Most Common Questions

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All-On-4 Most Common Questions

Can extractions be performed in the same session?

Yes, we can place the implants in the same session, right after extractions have been performed. Also, bone grafts and sinus lifts in case you need it. During the same surgery and using the same sedation, we extract the teeth and place the implants.

Now that I have a set of All On Four, what should I place on top of it?

You can choose a fixed solution such as a fixed hybrid denture or a Snap On Denture (removable). Click here to learn the difference between both.

Is the Fixed Hybrid Denture removable?

No, the fixed hybrid denture is firmly screwed to the four angled dental implants previously placed into the bone. You can not remove it, a dentist has to do it every 6 months to clean them.

Why should I choose the Fixed Hybrid Denture over Snap-On Dentures?

The main difference is the non-removable option. While the fixed hybrid bridge is fixed, the Snap-In dentures over implants are removable.

The main difference is the cost and personal choice.

The fixed hybrid denture is firmly screwed to the four angled dental implants previously placed into the bone. 

The Snap-On Dentures can also work as a step before getting the fixed hybrid bridge. If you are on a low budget, this can be an immediate solution you can have and that will last you a few years.

You can later make an upgrade to a fixed hybrid denture later. Both solutions are palateless.

How do you clean up the hybrid bridge?

It is recommended to visit your dentist for a cleaning every six months. The cleaning will include the removal of the 'chimneys' to unscrew and clean. You also need to wash your mouth 3 times a day, use mouthwash and waterpick. Your oral hygiene must be in optimal conditions to prevent any dental implants problems.

Where is the Snap-On Dentures and the fixed hybrid denture made at?

It is crafted at our in-house, fully equipped laboratory.

Our in-house lab is unique in the area and equipped with the latest technology. No other facility in Cancun can offer you this advantage.

We can immediately fulfill all your prosthetic adjustments or requests. Another reason why we can complete your dental work in just a few days! We also offer a warranty, we stand behind the service we provide.

Will my new set of permanent teeth look natural? 

Yes, we will design your new smile based on your facial features.

You are also able to choose the color, shape, and size. With the All On Four or the Snap-In Dentures, we are able to transform even the most damaged teeth into a functional bite with natural results.

Click here to view our before and after gallery.

Are the All On Four meant to last forever? 

Yes, if you take the proper care of them. When you get six dental implants (For the All-On-6) you get a better bite stability and less pressure under each implant.


All the dental work here at Cancun Dental Specialists has a warranty, we stand behind of what we do. We have thousands of happy patients! Fill the form (easiest way) or call us toll-free today 1-888-818-6328 and save on high-quality All On Four protocol in Mexico.

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