Last Updated: February 23, 2020.


We have the same technology any dental implants center in the U.S. offers.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 10:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.

Saturday 9:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.

Sunday: CLOSED

Blvd. Kukulkan KM 11.5, Zona Hotelera, Cancun.



Dental Implants Specialists

Being a dentist in Mexico requires years of preparation. Our head dentists have prepared in Mexico and the United States. Our staff is continually updating their knowledge and education in the most advanced technologies in dentistry worldwide.


Facts of our team and our clinic,

  • All our staff is fully certified and updated
  • We are the only dental clinic in Cancun with its own fully equipped in-house digital laboratory
  • We only use imported materials 
  • We provide the most excellent quality on any prosthesis we create
  • All your dental work has a warranty
  • We use the highest standards of hygiene and the same protocols as any dental clinic in the United States
Maxillofacial surgeons performing dental implants surgery in Cancun

Our Team

Omar Lugo DDS OMS has been practicing Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for the past 15 years. His skills for dental implant placement also includes zygomatic implants, ridge preservation, sinus lift, etc.

Dr. Omar Lugo is one of the few maxillofacial specialists surgeons in Mexico certified to place zygomatic implants.

He is a graduate of UNAM University. The most prestigious university in Latin America. He continued his studies throughout Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, etc. before returning to Mexico to continue his practice.

Our Vision

Here at Dental Implants Specialists, we believe in dental care excellence.

We own the best technology in the Cancun area. With our equipment, our in-house laboratory, and our team, we can deliver quality. Our clinic compares to any dental treatment you could receive back home.

Our Technology

We count with the best team of laboratory technicians, specialists, and dentists in Mexico. Our laboratory has the latest technologies:

  • Full-scale CAD/CAM in-house laboratory
  • CBCT 3D X-rays for surgical implant planning
  • Oral scanners
  • Waterlase Hard/Soft tissue lasers for less evasive treatments
  • Therapeutic lasers to enhance healing.

At our clinic, you deal with professionals from the first contact. We are continuously improving our technology, tools, and equipment. Our staff updates frequently.


Our In-house Laboratory

What Are The Advantages Of An In-House CAD/CAM Digital Laboratory?


  • It is fast, convenient, and efficient for dental tourism patients. When you need dentistry abroad, you count with a limited timeframe to complete your treatment.
  • All the procedure is done and completed under the same roof; ALL YOUR DENTAL WORK STAYS IN-HOUSE
  • Direct quality control directly supervised by the same specialist who will complete your dental treatment.


Satisfaction 100% GuaranteeWhen you own and operate your laboratory, as we do, we can make any immediate adjustments. That way, you can return home feeling 100% comfortable with your new teeth.

We guarantee the quality of all our dental work. We only use imported materials, all FDA approved. We also provide a certificate of each material we use to create your dental work.

Our Clinic

Evaluation. In your first consultation, you will be evaluated with 3D digital technology. We will perform a full CAD-CAM digital examination and we will discuss your options of treatment. Any oral examination or digital evaluation is free of cost.

Preparation. Your surgery is done inside a surgery room at our dental clinic. Following the most strict sterilization standards. We use purified water, Biolase, and any instruments were sterilized in Auto Clave. Thanks to our CAD-CAM dental technology, we also create surgical guides. This will tell us exactly where your implant should be placed into your bone.

Professionalism. All of our staff are specialists. In the case of dental implants, they are placed by our Maxillofacial surgeon. Unfortunately, many general dentists without the proper medical accreditation risk themselves and the patients when doing this procedure. In our case, we count with the presence of two Maxillofacial surgeons to perform your surgery. It can be zygomatic implants too.

Having my dental implants in Mexico is safe? It sure is! Click here to learn why; we have the same technology as any All On 4 clinic in the United States. Also, we have a strict sterilization protocol and hygiene standards.