All-On-4 Winter 2020 Promo Sale!

Do not wait anymore to get for yourself a smile makeover in Mexico.

If you have been quoted in places like Clearchoice, you already know that the price starts at $27,000. Here at our clinic, we count with,


  1. The team of specialists (including U.S. certified doctors)
  2. In-house digital laboratory and milling center. We own and operate our own CAD/CAM laboratory.
  3. Premier installations and the highest standards of hygiene.
  4. The warranty for every service we provide.
  5. We offer fair prices you can afford!

All On 4 in Cancun Promo Sale!


Price Per Arch + FREE Extractions!


  • Digital diagnosis with 3D CT SCAN Imaging X-rays
  • Four dental implants
  • Four dental extractions (Up to four per arch)
  • Temporary healing denture
  • Surgical guides or Navident for implant setting and all surgical costs
  • Maxillofacial Surgeons and all staff fee
All on 4 treatment with Prettau Bridge Zirconia restoration


50% OFF all additional extractions!

From 100 USD to USD 50. Book by March 21st, 2020.

NOTE: The Winter 2020 Promo is only for the first part of the All-On-4 treatment.  

Prosthetic Stage the second part of the All On Four treatment

NOTE: All costs are per arch.

Snap On Dentures

USD 2,500

Snap On Dentures with implants

Snap On Dentures that snap on and off as many times as needed.

Zirconia Prettau Bridge

USD 5,900

Prettau Zirconia Bridge

CAD/CAM Laser Milled Zirconia Superstructure (full-arch Prettau Bridge) Mounted with 12 to 14 units

Fixed Hybrid Dentures

USD 5,400

Fixed Hybrid Bridge Over Implants

CAD/CAM Laser Milled Titanium/High impact acrylic bar. Mounted with 12 to 14 units

This is your opportunity to get All On 4 in Mexico at affordable prices. 

We are an option for people who want the same quality they could find in the United States at a cost they can afford.

We use the same materials, machines, technology, expertise, and protocol as any All-On-4 clinic in the U.S.

You need a couple of trips down to Cancun to complete your full dental implants treatment.

You will be able to eat, chew and bite any food of your choice.

Recover your confidence today!

No more unlimited visits to the dentist. No more "patches". Get a permanent solution that will save you time and money in the long run.

View our before and after gallery, click here.

Learn the All-On-4 Step by Step clicking here.

Why would you need full dental implants?

There are people that are simply tired of patching their teeth problems and want a permanent solution that is an investment in the long run.

  • If you feel tired of unlimited spendings and visits to the dentist
  • If most of your teeth are severely decayed or already missing
  • If you are exhausted of using dentures glues
  • If you miss eating the foods you like and taste the food's temperature and flavor again?
  • If you want to look good and get a new smile, the denture implants are for you!
Zirconia denture
A Full-Arch Zirconia Bridge


We only use computerized technology. For the diagnose and the surgical guides, we will use 3D CT Scan. Also connected to the milling machines at our fully-equipped in-house laboratory.

U.S. Licensed team of Specialists

Our staff is constantly updating with the latest technologies. Our team of specialists includes U.S. licensed and trained dentists.

In-House Laboratory

Our 3D CT Scan is also connected to the milling machines at our in-house laboratory. We own and operate the largest dental laboratory in the Cancun area.

Last Updated July 11, 2020.