What is the full mouth dental implants success rate?

If the surgery is done right and if the patient keeps a proper oral hygiene, the dental implants success rate is close to 95%.

Anchorage device of the fixed bridge over implants

The head of the implant has an abutment that will secure the hybrid denture.

If you want to get full mouth dental implants, you need to know the technology behind each tooth implant. 

At the end of the ’90s, Dr. Paulo Maló, who is a dentist from Portugal made several tests on many patients. He wanted a full-arch bridge secured over the abutment of the implants. He wanted a palateless denture that could somehow lock into the posts previously set.
Over time, the All in 4 has been tested thousands of times around the globe. The treatment has a high accomplishment rate.
The All In 4 implants is the most modern dentistry solution available.
Four or more posts per arch are set into the jawbone, which is the foundation of the All On Four procedure.

How to know how many dental implants do you need?

Depends on the bone condition and the force bite and based on the 3D CT Scan.  We can also place six or eight implants for a better grip for bigger jaws. That is what we call the All On 6 and the All On 8.
One to the advantages of permanent dentures is that in the case you lose one post, you still have four to support the rest of the fixed hybrid bridge.
This will not complicate its restoration at all. There are several reasons why a tooth implant can fail.
The implant can always be reinserted into the jawbone or even repositioned to get a better final prosthetic dental work.
Are Implants Safe?
Since the 90's, implant dentures are put under test over and over. It is safe and a cost-effective treatment. Perfect for people that need a full mouth restoration.
It is a safe procedure, our body accepts or tolerates titanium implants. Titanium which is bio-compatible with the human body.
Titanium is the preferred material among the dental community. Reports show a solid bone integration since its a no corrodible element.
The success percentage estimated on probable allergies is almost a 99%. That data also show a minimal range of probable allergies. It is not that common that a titanium post can give an allergic reaction still, it could be possible. Some patients can be liable to some metal allergies.
The common success rate for dental implants is around 95%. It depends on the purpose and location of the implant.

Before and after of a fixed hybrid bridge.

This is how a fixed hybrid denture looks like. It is a palateless denture set over posts previously set into your bone.

This rate is closer to almost 100% for implants inserted in the front lower jaw, called the mandible. The reason why is this part of the face has a solid bone condition. Posts that we set in the upper maxilla have 85% success rate because we are closer to the sinus.


Keep in mind that not only the osseointegration process plays a role in the teeth implants success rate. To get a long-term solution consider as well:


  • the patient's compliance
  • oral hygiene
  • use of night guards
  • the general health of the patient
  • grinding of teeth (bruxism)
  • regular wear and tear from the usage of bridges
  • trauma
  • smoking

The All On Four has the highest success rates within all prosthetic treatments.

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