Denture implants are the perfect solution for patients that wish to avoid or ditch their traditional dentures. Ordinary dentures problems include sore gums, slippage, and movement.

With implant-supported dentures, you will avoid all movement or slipping problems. We will screw and hook the hybrid bar to the angled dental implants placed in your jawbone. When you think about permanent dentures, some questions invariably arise.

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10 Questions To Ask Before You Get Denture Implants

1) How do denture implants compare to regular dentures?

The All On 4 dental implants are permanent teeth. A palateless denture or bridge is attached to the implants in your bone. It is done on a couple of trips to Cancun.

First trip to Cancun (5 full days): You will get a complete digital evaluation on this first trip. If needed, you will have any extractions and get your dental implants surgically set (Nobel Biocare). You will also get temporary teeth to eat back home.

We will wait for six months while the osseointegration process in your body happens.

Second trip to Cancun (10 to 12 full days):  You will have your permanent teeth loaded to the implants. We will create your permanent teeth in our laboratory. Your hybrid titanium/zirconia bridge will be ready after ten days.

The Snap-On Dentures are removable. They "snap" over the head of the mini implants, creating a grip. You can detach them with your fingers, and it will let you eat any food.

Both treatments are completely different.  Learn more about Snap-On Dentures Vs. All On 4.

2) What is the difference between denture implants and single traditional implants?

All On 4 dental implants in Cancun at affordable prices. We use the very same brands on all the denture implants placed at our clinic.

The permanent dentures will return your confidence. You will be able to eat all the foods you like again.


A dental implant can hold a load of a crown on top. When we place a single implant is because you are missing one tooth. That implant will be loaded with an abutment and a crown on top. We can also use single implants with a 3-unit bridge, depending on the case.

We recommend full dental implants if you are missing several teeth. The implants of the All On 4 are set in an angled position using surgical guides. We create the basic foundation that can hold the complete bar. Six or even eight titanium implants can be placed, depending on the size of your jawbone. When set at an angle, the teeth implants will provide vital support. This anchor holds the complete denture of the entire bridge. Usually, a bone graft is not needed when placing the implant-supported dentures. The All-On 4 saves discomfort, time, and money.

3) How long does the implant surgery take?
The placement of the implants on the first trip takes approximately 90 minutes per arch. We only use surgical guides and imported dental implants. You can also request IV sedation.

4) What is the average success rate for dental Implants?
Implants have been tested over decades; several studies and analyses show that there is around a 96% success in dental implant placement. If you smoke or have poor oral hygiene, the chance could decrease to a 60% success rate. Learn more about dental implant placement. Learn more about dental implant placement.

5) Is anyone a good candidate for the All On 4 Dental Implants?
Anyone that is a typical dental wearer is a good candidate. People who are missing several teeth can benefit as well. For severe bone loss cases, then we could recommend zygomatic dental implants. The patient must have good health as well. Age is not a crucial factor, but excellent bone condition is.

6) Where will my permanent bridge be made?

Our fully equipped laboratory can create the denture implant hybrid fixed bar made of Titaniun and zirconia.

We are the only Cancun clinic with a fully equipped laboratory to craft any denture implant prosthetic device.

We are proud to be the ONLY Cancun dental clinic with its in-house laboratory. We have the latest technology such as CAD/CAM, laser scanners, and milling machines. We import all the materials and all the technology used in our lab to craft your new permanent bridge. From the consultation to the last follow-up. Our team of specialists will supervise your dental work until completed. This is an advantage no other facility in the area can offer you. We also are the leading prosthetic suppliers for the rest of the dental clinics in the area. Click here and read why you are American's preferred choice for Dental Tourism in Cancun.

7) My permanent bridge will look natural?
The All-On-4 dental implants will provide you with a new set of teeth that look natural. They function and feel like real teeth. No one will be able to tell if your denture implants are natural or not unless you let them know. We only work with the finest materials available in the market. To restore your confidence is our mission.

8) Why is the procedure divided into two stages? 
Because just like any other surgery, your body needs to adapt to each tooth implant that was just placed. The osseointegration process needs to happen anyway; pressure over those implants should be avoided. You will have temporary teeth replacement that will look good and natural and help you eat during the healing process. Those temporary teeth will be set until you return for your permanent bridge placed.

9) What happens if I need implants only on my bottom or upper arch? Can I complete the All On 4 treatment on both arches in the future?
The denture implant system can be set in the upper or lower arch. Depends where you need and in the future, you can do the other arch, matching your other jaw.

10) How do you clean your new permanent bridge?
You should treat ad clean your permanent dentures as your natural teeth. You will need to practice new oral hygiene habits. Remember, maybe you lost your teeth because of bad hygiene. Your daily cleaning routine must include brushing, mouthwash, and Waterpik. Bacteria gets stored in your mouth, and oral hygiene is a must.

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